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Help!**** Maternity Allowance Teen Mum

(4 Posts)
anniexpie Thu 17-Jul-08 01:56:39

I worked from april to july in 2007 then started 6th form college, i quit school in april and am currently looking for employment and have worked one week under an agency 1 month ago.
I cannot get maternity allowance because i havent worked 26 out of 66 weeks as the 3 months i worked before school arent included in the 66 weeks. i dont know what to do as if a start work within the next few weeks i will still only be able to work 20 weeks before my baby is due.
i have rent to pay so cant afford not to take time off.

UnderRated Thu 17-Jul-08 02:07:22

No idea about this, sorry. Have you been to the CAB?

nappyaddict Thu 17-Jul-08 03:11:12

when is your baby due? the period is from 66 weeks before your baby is due.

youcannotbeserious Thu 17-Jul-08 05:32:48


you have to have worked 26 out of the last 66 weeks.... anyrhing oer £30 will qualify. Nappyaddict is right, this period works back from you due date...

The test period to calculate what you will get is 13 weeks - that's the 13 weeks you've earned the most money....

try calling the ma helpline - they are very helpful

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