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Anyone done teacher training through the GTP? Or via a PGCE?

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MabelMay Wed 16-Jul-08 10:26:08

I am contemplating changing careers and becoming a teacher as it's something I've always felt drawn to and feels so much more compatible with having kids than the current industry I'm in (TV). I am hoping to teach secondary history.
Just wondering if anyone had recently trained as a teacher through the GTP (Graduate TEaching Programme) as opposed to a PGCE. It appeals to me because it's totally on the job, and paid too. But was wondering if anyone out there had their own experiences to share of doing this. Was it tough juggling it with your own kids? What about a PGCE?
Sorry. Lots of questions!

MabelMay Wed 16-Jul-08 10:56:14

Anyone? Might post this in another topic... Is there anywhere you would recommend posting it?
Sorry! Don't mean to sound impatient for responses.

flowerybeanbag Wed 16-Jul-08 10:59:48

Mabel this topic is fine - you could also try Going Back to Work. But it's quite a specialised thread so you might need to wait more than half an hour...

Try bumping it this evening when teachers are at home?

MabelMay Wed 16-Jul-08 12:52:32

Good idea! Thanks.

bago07 Wed 23-Jul-08 22:02:29

I did the PGCE but lots of people at my school do the GTP route. It is a good way of earning money while you're training, but the PGCE 'cushions' you a bit more and doesn't throw you in the deep end right at the start.

Teaching is great but it's also hard - lots of work outside school hours (planning / marking etc) and the students can be really challenging. It's not all horror stories of kids throwing chairs etc, but just a room of 30 kids all talking over you and not listening to a word you say can be really tough.

Could you take a week off your normal job and shadow a teacher in a secondary school to see the reality of it? We do that sort of thing in our school and it may help you work things out in your mind. Also, research the SCITT route - you get paid like the GTP but you are not left to it as much, which can help. Hope this info is useful and good luck!!!

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