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Eek - 2 interviews next week. Both for FT jobs, but I want PT...

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titchy Tue 15-Jul-08 13:23:33

I am obviously delighted to have 2 interviews lined up - they're for great jobs too, but both are full time posts.

TBH I've been looking for part time reasonable salary jobs (public sector) for about a year, and there have been only two (both I was interviewed for, neither I was successful at LOL). So my latest strategy has been to apply for FT roles, and IF I am offered anything to then -beg- negotiate PT or flexi hours. But now I've bagsied two interviews I'm now bottling it a bit with this strategy!

Help - what to do? what I'd like to propose is 2 full days a week and 3 x 5 hour days a week, either with a reduction in contract or 6 hours worked from home, or a combination. Do I mention this at interview stage, or if they offer me the job? Am I going to piss my would-be employers off if I leave this bit until they have offered me something? Could they rescind the offer if I start negotiating?

Obviously I may well not get either job blush so may be panicking unecessarily but even so WWYD?

flowerybeanbag Tue 15-Jul-08 14:27:57

titchy I've never worked in the public sector but my understanding is as a general rule public sector employers are very open to various flexible/family-friendly ways of working. Also what you're looking for in terms of hours doesn't sound too outrageous or too different from 'normal' full time hours.

Having said that, I would wait until at least 2nd interview stage before mentioning it. Get them excited by you as a candidate, wow them with your skills and experience then consider bringing it up as an option.

They would be offering a job based on xyz terms and conditions, so are perfectly within their rights to refuse to employ you on abc terms and conditions. But they are probably more open to it than many other employers and you don't lose anything by asking.

titchy Wed 16-Jul-08 10:49:04

Thanks Flowery - if they get pissed off with me I'll just say 'Well Flowery said...' grin.

Seriously it's good to hear (read) an HR professional thinking this isn't too outrageous.

flowerybeanbag Wed 16-Jul-08 10:51:41

Feel free to blame me! grin

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