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Some questions about employment rights

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needyourhelp Wed 09-Jul-08 20:50:57

I have a couple of questions and wondered if anyone here can help me.

I would like to know if I can be made to increase my hours despite doing the current hours for almost 10 years.

Also, if I have written confirmation of a rate of pay, can that then be be retracted several days later and a lower rate of pay offered despite there being no changes in my circumstances?

I fully intend to get my union onto the case for me, but in the meantime, I thought I'd see if anyone else knew. TIA

needyourhelp Wed 09-Jul-08 21:18:45


ilovemydog Wed 09-Jul-08 21:20:36

do you have a written contract of employment?

needyourhelp Wed 09-Jul-08 21:26:14

No contract at all I'm afraid, but have been informed a verbal contract is as good as a written contract. Plus the fact I have been doing the job for almost 10 years counts for a lot.

The job is being restructured so a new job description is being drafted along with a contract, apparently hmm

flowerybeanbag Wed 09-Jul-08 22:38:58

I'm on my way to bed needyourhelp but have a look at this information about what to do if you don't agree to a proposed change to your terms and conditions.

The pay thing - was it written confirmation of a rate already being paid, or was it a salary increase that was then retracted?

Your union will be able to help you - are they recognised by your employer?

needyourhelp Wed 09-Jul-08 22:42:23

It was written confirmation of rate of pay to come into effect on a set date. Nothing to do with a salary increase but due to restructuring of current job which was my employers decision to do.

Union is recognised by employer, not liked but recognised grin

I'll have a look at that link now, thanks.

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