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can anyone advise on what kind of business I need to set up in order to get a crb check on myself???

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jeangenie Wed 09-Jul-08 10:28:26

I am running art classes for kids, part time, very low key. So far it has been for kids of friends and friends of friends so it's been able to be quite some other mums that I don't know are asking if their kids can join so I think it is time I made things a bit more official. One of the things I would like to do is get a CRB check, so that parents can feel confident leaving their kids with me. I will also need to look into liability/insurance (not sure what I will need) and tax matters (so far I spend on materials as much, if not more than I get for giving the classes so tax hasn't been an issue - obviously I need to change this!)

so, if anyone can advise I'd be very grateful
I've looked online and it appears an individual can't apply for a crb check for themselves, not even if registered self-employed. Presumably then I need to set myself up as a little company - is that right? and how do I go about that? - (seems to be choice between sole trader and private limited company - which do I need to be?)

thanks for any help

swiftyknickers Wed 09-Jul-08 10:40:20

have you had a look on

they will be able to advise you on what to do.

mellyonion Wed 09-Jul-08 10:50:22

hi. i may be wrong, but i'm sure that most childrens group which offer unsupervised or non parental "care" of children need to be registered with social services....

with regards to the crb check, they can take up to as long as 4 or 5 months to be returned...

there is a brand new system being set up at the moment...its going to be a huge database of people all accross the country. you get one number which is specific to you, and it can be used wherever you travel within the uk...a crb check is only good for one specific employment and county if i understand it correctly....but that should be fine if you're working in only one area....

i would give ss a call to see if they can advise.

jeangenie Wed 09-Jul-08 11:11:58

oh god - it's starting to seem like more trouble than it is worth for a couple of quid a week and some happy smiling children at the end of it...

thanks though...

mellyonion Wed 09-Jul-08 11:25:20

ahhhh yes, but don't forget that some of these childrens groups become REALLY lucrative businesses! us mothers pay a fortune for a bit of kiddie entertainment/meeting other mums/sanity time. smile

make a few phonecalls before you call it all off.....i may well be wrong in what i said....hmm

jeangenie Wed 09-Jul-08 11:47:15

thanks melly - you are right - I shouldn't cave it at the very first hint of a hurdle!

juneybean Wed 09-Jul-08 21:07:53

You can apply for your own at Disclosure Scotland but it would need to be an enhanced disclosure rather than the basic.

They're pretty quick too

somersetmum Wed 09-Jul-08 21:13:43

There are organisations (quite often schools) that have 'Umbrella Body' status in respect of CRB Checks. This means that they can apply for CRB Checks for anyone who asks for them, not just their own employees. There is most likely one in your area that could run the check on your behalf. I assume the CRB Org would be able to tell you.

jeangenie Fri 11-Jul-08 22:45:54

thanks - will look out for those

jeangenie Fri 11-Jul-08 22:46:25

can I get scotland disclosure to cover England?

popsycal Fri 11-Jul-08 22:49:34

er ,my sister is self employed and got a crb check

it may have been through the community centre she held her classes at though

another way - volunteeer at your chil'ds school and they will do one on you for free

jeangenie Fri 11-Jul-08 22:55:59

aha - good thinking batwoman

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