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HELLO can anyone help me work out what my monthly payments from a pro-rata salary will be?

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umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:21:54

Sorry I am hopeless at this.

Haven't even got the job yet!

Pro rata starting salary of 28,000, hours to be worked are 24 per week.

What will I actually take home per month?

Thanks in advance smile

happynappies Thu 19-Jun-08 21:25:46

try this


llareggub Thu 19-Jun-08 21:27:06

There was a website that would do this for you but I can't remember the name of it.

Do you know how many hours a full timer would work?

happynappies Thu 19-Jun-08 21:27:45

sorry - to be able to work it out would need to know how many hours at your work is deemed as full-time.

umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:28:55

Mm, haven't got a clue - I'm assuming it's a three day per week post so the total hours going on that assumption would be....38?

Does that sound right?

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 19-Jun-08 21:28:59

Depends what the hours are for full time. I've worked it out at 37.5 hrs which is full time for NHS staff ( so all I know!) and you should get £1493.33 gross per month.

littlelapin Thu 19-Jun-08 21:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 19-Jun-08 21:30:54

Or £ 1473.68 gros for 38 hrs.

LargeGlassofRed Thu 19-Jun-08 21:31:05

based on 40 being full time about 1078 after tax ect approx grin

umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:33:08

Thank you all very much.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my interview on Tuesday then - due back at work after mat leave next month, and that's roughly what I normally take home for full time hours, PLUS it's an 140mile round commute.

This job's only a 30 minute drive and only 24 hrs..

<tries not to get too excited>

Flier Thu 19-Jun-08 21:33:26

you need to know how many hours are in a standard week at your workplace.
Take the £28000 and divide by the standard hours per week and then multiply this fihure by 24 (ie you hours per week)

so if std hours were 40, then £28000/40=700 multipled by 24=£16800 per year. You can then use the tax calcs the happynappies linked to.

umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:34:15

would also mean four days per week with dd rather than two

<crossing fingers>

umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:35:46

Thanks for all this. I love mumsnet. It's like the oracle.

happynappies Thu 19-Jun-08 21:36:15

good luck umberella - fingers crossed for you!

umberella Thu 19-Jun-08 21:37:39

Thank you happynappies, I shall report back on Tuesday smile

umberella Tue 24-Jun-08 20:40:16

Thank you for your advice everyone, I got the job!!

<jumping up and down with excitement>

callmeovercautious Tue 24-Jun-08 20:44:25

Congratulations smile

I do a 30min commute 3 days a week and it works quite well. Bit of a rush in the Mornings but I am home on time to give DD tea and do bedtime.

umberella Tue 24-Jun-08 20:50:04

Thank you, I am really thrilled to bits. I was very worried about suddenly disappearing from DD so this is absolutely terrific for us!

FeryOX Fri 03-Nov-17 11:29:31

According to this tax calculator, in 2017, the calculations would be as following:

You'll pay no tax on the first £11,500 that you're earning.
You'll pay £3,300 tax on £16,500 (at 20%)
You'll pay no higher rate tax
Total tax paid: £3,300

Total take-home: £1860/month, which is not too bad.

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