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Bad reaction towards me from my work partner because employer is moving me.

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Amanda3266 Mon 17-Jan-05 19:10:33

Not sure why I am putting this on really. However, I am sitting here feeling nervous and anxious tonight. I work two days a week as a health visitor and have worked within the same area for 16 months since coming back from maternity leave.
My full time colleage is known among the staff for being abrupt and rude at times. However, I have always got on fairly well with her. I am quite a tolerant person and alot of her behaviour goes in one ear and out of the other. She can be abrupt, she can be rude and she has annoyed some of the parents on our caseload who have "voted with their feet" and now only ring and come in when they know I am there.
I've never really experienced her rudeness until last week.
I got a phone call from my manager asking me to pop over and see her as she hadn't seen me for some time. However, when I got there it seemed there was a hidden agenda as the first thing she did was inform me that yet another HV was leaving in the neighbouring (very busy) town. This area is already short staffed and has a large population and a sizeable minority of non-english speakers. Leaving them another HV down is just not possible so she asked me very reasonably if I'd consider moving to help out for six months. What could I say but "Yes".
On further discussion it was decided (between us both) that I'd tell my colleague.
When I got back to the office and told her she went absolutely mad about it, accused me of not liking where I was, told me I'd never cope "with that caseload on two days a week". I was so shocked and stunned that I was actually silenced (unusual for me). She compounded it all by saying that she was going to go off sick and I must want to leave the area or I'd have said No to the request. It was a dreadful end to the afternoon and never was I so glad to see the happy smiling face of my 2yr old DS.
It's been nearly 5 days since and I've not heard a word from her. I am actually angry that she has not phoned and apologised - I couldn't sleep if I'd been that rude to somebody.
Anyhow - I'm due to see her again tomorrow and just wondering what it will hold. The move will be good for me as I will then be working in the same town as where DS goes to nursery.
I am so annoyed with myself for feeling nervous - she's a control freak. Keep reminding myself that she does not employ me. Worst thing is that she bitches about everyone behind their back (which I try to ignore) and am just wondering what she will say about me once I am gone.

Sorry this is long but am really nervous and pissed off. However, feel better for having written it down.


weightwatchingwaterwitch Mon 17-Jan-05 20:33:48

God, she sounds horrible. I think I'd try to keep the moral high ground and be polite, do nothing, move to your nicer job (bound to have nicer colleagues!) but it's NONE of her business and she had a cheek being so rude and horrible about it. Really, she owes you an apology but it sounds unlikely you'll get one. And as to what she says about you when you're gone: who cares? You'll be in your lovely new job and she can carry on being bitter and twisted in her old one. Good luck, try not to let her get to you.

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