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Sexism or am I just s***?

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ageingcrone Tue 04-Jan-05 15:20:30

I'd really appreciate your thoughts and advice here - I've worked with this company for almost 5 years and took 6 months on mat leave last year - have now been back 9 months. Am reasonably senior and - I thought - respected. While I was on mat leave the company recruited a man to fill in for me and he was kept on.

When I came back Replacement Dude made it clear that he thinks I'm shit (feeling is 100% mutual) and has been very obstructive. So we have never had a good reln. My boss just tells me that I need to rise above it which I try to do. However, I have just found out that he is paid £35k more than me, to do part of the job I used to do. I found out because he sent the salaries spreadsheet to the whole team so not only do I know, but the everyone who works for me knows. I do all the new business, marketing, team managament and handle 80% of the business. He has one account and contributes nothing else.

I'm so hurt and angry I don't know what to do. What would you do?

Freckle Tue 04-Jan-05 15:22:39

Sounds like sexism to me, unless he has some qualifications/skills which others don't. How do your other colleagues feel about it?

You should perhaps ask your boss to justify this, querying whether it might be viewed as sex discrimination.

Blu Tue 04-Jan-05 15:23:09

Sounds like contravention of SDA to me - and sending salaries spreadsheet around sounds like grounds for grievance procedure, too!
But I'm no expert, so can only send some sisterly solidarity - sounds as if you are having to put up with a horrible situation.

Mum2girls Tue 04-Jan-05 15:24:22

Completely out of order. I would ask your HR dept. to set up a mtg with your mgr to discuss.

Whizzz Tue 04-Jan-05 15:25:14

Sounds sexist to me. How about asking your HR dept for their reasoning behind the figures. Agree, sending everyones salary details around is out of order also.

hunkermunker Tue 04-Jan-05 15:25:39

Bloody hell, what a wanker! Yes, definitely raise this with your boss. There's no way he could've been lying to spite you I take it?

Big big hugs xxx

ageingcrone Tue 04-Jan-05 15:26:45

he claims it was a mistake sending the salaries round (it was attached to a time management thing).

HR will tell me its because he came in from outside while I have been here for a while and we've had pay freezes during that time.

I feel like such a mug.

Mum2girls Tue 04-Jan-05 15:30:42

I would push your manager for some assurances that every effort will be made to redress the balance - priority for pay rises, bonuses etc.

If you wanted to be really arsey, ask him how he plans to manage your inevitable low self-esteem and morale...

hunkermunker Tue 04-Jan-05 15:36:38

£5k, maybe, maybe just. £35k, no bloody way.

If he's come from outside and is so shit hot, I'd suggest you swap job descriptions for a while and see whether he's worth the extra. Bastards!

ageingcrone Tue 04-Jan-05 15:39:23

Yeah I could accept £5k, market differntials and all that but £35k?

Am struggling to keep the stoic face for the team that is essential given we have huge meeting tomorrow to win new business. Maybe I should just cut my losses and start looking elsewhere./

Gobbledigook Tue 04-Jan-05 15:43:40

Hmm, that salary difference is incredible! I know sometimes people are offered over and above because of their experience or because of the package they are on at a current employer and it's what the new employer would need to pay to get them iyswim. I started on a junior level on a good £10K more than people one or two steps above me purely because I was moving from a very well paid job and it was anticipated I'd move up very quickly within the company - I did. And in the meantime, there were no other concessions made and I was bloody well expected to excel myself and everyone else!

BUt 35K over???? I'd be fuming!

SuzySox Tue 04-Jan-05 15:44:27

If you were really evil (like me) and clever about it. You could get him sacked.

ageingcrone Tue 04-Jan-05 15:53:09

SuzySox - I wish. I think my boss believes I'm being hormonal about it and that I'll settle down. However I know what that job was (running one of the big clients) as I did it for 3 years and its now half the value it was and the quality is dire. But if I say that... I'm being hormonal.

TheDragon Tue 04-Jan-05 15:54:20

That;s absolutely appalling!

codswallop Tue 04-Jan-05 15:54:48


alicatsg Tue 04-Jan-05 16:02:26

£35k. ie a life changing amount of money.

Actually its not the money so much as the hurt/slight/lack of respect that is hitting me right now, tho god knows even £500 a year more would be welcome round here.

codswallop Tue 04-Jan-05 16:03:29


alicatsg Tue 04-Jan-05 16:03:35

oops - thats my cover blown then. sorry - was trying to be anonymous, another disaster.

TheDragon Tue 04-Jan-05 16:05:53

There's no way £35k is explainable by "he came from outside". Either the job is worth that salary or it isn't. A few thousand, yes, but not that amount.

SuzySox Tue 04-Jan-05 16:09:38

If you sat down and thought about it you could very easily make it look like he's done all this on purpose.

On the other hand, if you're going to look for another job anyway, I'd take them to a tribunal on the grounds that it's sexism. There's no way they can justify an extra 35k not even with the 'market trend' arguement (unless you work in different areas) ie. London and Blackpool or something for example.

I think WigandRobes helped out Lanvender a lot with some employment issues - is she around?

Blackduck Tue 04-Jan-05 16:12:47

I agree - a 35k difference makes it a whole other ballgame and ther is, in my view, no justification for the difference......

Twiglett Tue 04-Jan-05 16:13:49

Why does he know what everyone's salaries are in the first place?

he works for you does he? or is he same level

I think its discrimination to have such a marked difference in pay

I think your company needs a kick up its proverbials and I would actually consult someone about it .. fair to talk about market forces in attracting new staff and having to offer market pay .. but it does seem totally unfair

and that bloke needs taking down a few pegs

gingerbear Tue 04-Jan-05 16:14:00

Sis and Wickedwaterwitch helped me out when I had an employment issue a long while ago now.

gingerbear Tue 04-Jan-05 16:15:18

I thought that you had mis-typed and meant £3.5k!!!!!

ruinedxmas Tue 04-Jan-05 16:18:15

That's outrageous.

Have worked in HR. I would say that the hormonal answer from your boss is his way of trying to keep you quiet. It's also discriminatory as he would never say that about a man. I feel as though they are manipulating you and I feel very angry on your behalf.

Please don't let them get away with this.

In your position, I would push very hard to make yourself heard and get the balance redressed. It sounds to me as though you are holding together a large proportion of their business and you are very commercially viable out there in the rest of the world. They will know that. If you push and nothing is done, I would leave and do them for sex discrimination. You do need some legal advice though - speak to the Equal Opportunities Commission asap - I did once - they were really really helpful.

Am still really cross and am typing at 100mph as so annoyed. What a bloody cheek - to think that they can get away with it!

I am self-employed now, so perhaps biased, but I really think that if you remember that they need you more than you need them, you can't go too wrong.

Good luck!

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