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Start a 2nd job while on maternity leave

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littledetails Sun 03-Feb-08 09:53:22

Is it possible to start a new job but still remain on maternity leave and possibly go back to your old job and keep the new one when the maternity leave finishes?

A bit of an insight: I work 14 hours termtime and im not due back until Sept, thats if ive got a job at all. There is only me and my manager and she has been told she will not have a job after August (we have been doing a government funded project for schools that was only funded for 3yrs but neither of us were told this at interview) Because they want to keep some of the projects going Im not sure if they will keep me on, but as Im on maternity leave they havent said. When I started the job it was wonderful but they kept increasing the workload and it became really stressful and really should have been a fulltime job, so I dont really want to continue especially if my manager goes they may increase the responsibility and I know thery would pay extra. However they will have to continue with the orginal projects so it may go back to the orginal nice little job.

When I return I really need to work extra hours possibly 30 (this is not an option with my current job as they will struggle to pay me for 14 hrs). Ive seen a job that I would like to apply for that is only 15 hours and I would if possible like to do both.

So does anyone know whether I can start a new job whilst on maternity leave? I really dont want to give up my old job until I know what they are going to offer me.

littledetails Sun 03-Feb-08 11:47:26


cazzybabs Sun 03-Feb-08 11:48:23

i am pretty certain you casn't...but willing to be corrected.

somersetmum Sun 03-Feb-08 11:56:03

If you are still receiving SMP from your current employer, you will lose this if you work anywhere else.

Is there anything in your current contract that prevents you from finding a second job? i.e. a clause which states you must inform your employer of any other employment. If not, then there is no reason why you cannot take on another job, provided the hours fit around your existing position and do not prevent you from going back. If there is, then you can still do it, but you must get your employer's permission first.

Your existing employer must keep your job open for upto one year. Having said all that, they probably won't be too impressed that you have started working for a new employer - be prepared for the inevitable questions.

littledetails Sun 03-Feb-08 12:23:45

I will check my contract about taking a 2nd job, but I dont think there is anything. Im quite prepared to give up my SMP to get this other job. I guess I should speak to my employer first tho.

Thanks for your help.

Shahd Sun 13-Jul-08 13:42:28

I would like to ask I'm on my maternity leave but my contract with previous job will end on auguest and I would to start a new job in september but my maternity leave will finish on May 2009. I would like to start work during my maternity leave.

can you please advise me because really want to start the new job.

popsycal Sun 13-Jul-08 13:59:19

you cant work on maternity leave
if you start to earn, then your smp will stop

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