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I took my previous employer to a tribunal....

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jojo38 Tue 23-Nov-04 22:11:43

What a nightmare! I had a great job. Unfortunately I trusted too much and in the end was used and abused... in that order. I found out that the company I had worked for was not even registered with the appropriate authorities which made me sit up and think! I approached the boss and made her aware of it... since that day, I was treated like sh*t. I left in the end... lots happened in between but the short version was that she illegally deducted my pay cheque, went back on a promise of a salary rise, the cheque bounced!
I tried all I could to sort this mess out amicably but it turned into a slanging match.
I decided to let the law deal with her... and they certainly did!

She didn't turn up to the courts today... she had not defended herself or her company in any way. The "judge" awarded me extra PLUS he demanded that I was to be paid holiday pay too... so instead of about £200, he has made a judgement for her to pay £460!

I doubt that I will see this money as she has told me the company has ceased trading. (It is still active at Companies House hwvr). She will not pay, then it goes to county courts! eeek...

I do care about the money but I care more that she won't do this to anyone else or trade illegally causing others problems. Fingers crossed that she will see sense and pay up but I don't hold out hope for that.

It pays not to be a doormat. I am living proof of that. In a previous existance of mine, I would have walked away from it and not bothered.
I'm glad I am stronger and found the confidence to go ahead with this.

Someone once said to me, "look after No.1, coz no other bu**ers gonna do it for you" right can they be eh?

Caligula Tue 23-Nov-04 22:20:52

Good for you. Even if you don't get the money you're owed, you've made her life uncomfortable and showed her she can't get away with treating people so badly.

It's a great feeling isn't it?!

jojo38 Tue 23-Nov-04 22:22:41

It sure is Caligula.

I have had all sorts of threats from her family in the past... I wonder what this one will bring out in her?
She has no right to manage her own big toe, let alone a company and staff!!


ponygirl Tue 23-Nov-04 22:45:50

Good for you jojo! I took an employer to a tribunal about 9 years ago for unfair dismissal. After, frankly, threatening letters and messages from their solicitor I won! They didn't even turn up to defend themselves, so clearly knew they didn't have a leg to stand on. Their behaviour throughout still makes me extremely angry today. In fact, it's very tempting for me to tell you who they are, because you've all heard of them!

Anyway, I felt, and still feel, immensely proud of myself for going through with it, when it was just me and my dp (now dh) against a big company and even the ACAS mediator wanted me to give up and I didn't. So well done and cheers to you!

hbarnes Sun 09-Jan-05 06:39:38

It's so nice to see so many positive outcomes out of such shocking behaviour from our friendly ex-employers. I am too about to embark on a tribunal with my ex-exployers so you have all given me the additional encouragement I need - as it it quite stressful. I too hope to let you all know that my case was equally as successful! :-)

nightowl Mon 10-Jan-05 06:18:33

same here, my tribunal is looming. so far we've had no response from my previous employers. i worked there for 8 years and was on mat leave when the company went bump. they re-opened two days later and re-employed everyone in the office except me..including the girl i trained who has now taken over my job. unfair? yes. but it doesnt seem hopeful at the moment. if they get away with it i will be devestated...they will continue to do this again and again. it isnt about the money. i broke my back for that company, i went out of my way to do things for them that werent my responsibilty and this is how they repaid me. i would love to make sure they couldnt do it again. not only was i out of a job but it has really affected me emotionally.

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