Books/podcasts on being more resilient at work?

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TurquoiseKiss Wed 07-Apr-21 22:30:09

I have been on maternity leave for 12 months and am returning to work soon. One of my resolutions was to be a bit tougher upon my return. I worked up until 1 week before due date but ended up in a bad place mentally as I took on too much work and any attempts to talk it over with line manager were met with a wall of silence. I told the CEO I was pregnant in person (small organisation) who after this time spoke to me like I was something you would scrape off your shoe.

In hindsight I wish I'd spoken up for myself more and challenged times when more work was put on me. I want to research how to do this in a calm and professional way. My response before would be to despair about it (usually cry in the work toilet/train home) and then stay up until 2am to get it done to a deadline of the next day.

I have a new line manager now - they started just a few days before my maternity leave - so I want to turn over a new leaf and see my return to work as a chance to reinvent myself.

Any suggestions of materials that I could mull over that may help? The culture of the organisation is overall good, plus I enjoy the work when there's not immense pressure under ridiculous deadlines. So I'm keen to stay.

I definitely suffer with imposter syndrome which doesn't help, I think this was heightened with CEOs obvious change in attitude to me during pregnancy (my colleagues also noticed this change).


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WobbliHead3000 Thu 08-Apr-21 22:39:44

Hiya. Next week marks 1 year since my RTW from Maternity leave. I can identify with what you said about how you used to be, imposter syndrome, not speaking up etc so I couldn’t read and run.

Something that has shocked me since I returned is how much parenting has changed me... I have always been quiet and reserved but now my first thought is “is this what I want DS to look at me and see?” When I’m in tough situations and I find I am much more vocal at work.

The ‘careering into motherhood’ podcast has some great episodes you’ll probably enjoy/benefit from. There’s also a great one called ‘unf*ck your brain’.

Something I’d recommend is seeing if your job can give you access to a coach to help you through this hurdle.

All the best.

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