Any idea how to gain experience in Marketing?

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fugde08 Wed 10-Mar-21 11:50:06

Some really good suggestions here, thank you! I'll PM you now smile

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Thebeachismyhappyplace Wed 10-Mar-21 07:38:16

It is really competitive and I don't think there is the market for generalised roles any more. I also see job ads with wildly unrealistic competency expectations but poor salaries for the responsibilities involved.

If you've done Level 4 you have a good grounding, are you looking for a salaried role or to freelance? As well as building Linked In, think about where you want to niche and get involved with a local community group or charity that you are happy to give your time too and who needs help.

The focus has been on socials for several years but we're moving away from that now so demonstrating a clear understanding of the marketing mix is going to stand you in good stead however you grow your skills. And working with volunteers is a good way not only to develop skills but grow confidence plus it will introduce you to an active business community. I am involved with my local Chamber of Commerce and FSB - the women's chapters are both supportive and active.

I am a CIM tutor and mentor, happy to connect on LI and I can think of some good groups to hook you up to - PM me and I'll try to help.

fugde08 Tue 09-Mar-21 20:10:49

At least I'm not alone then! The jobs around here ask for quite general specifications, so I've just been learning a bit of everything.

That's a good shout, thank you! I might get in contact and see if any agencies have anything going. It might even be worth my while shadowing them for a few weeks.

I'm building a portfolio as we speak and I'm trying to get myself out there on LinkedIn.

Hopefully, if I keep on persevering someone will give me an opportunity.

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Pebbles16 Tue 09-Mar-21 18:55:40

Okay, so you probably need to look in Manchester. If you PM me, I will try to connect you with others, provided you are on LinkedIn. If not. Just PM me and I will try to help

Sunflowers095 Tue 09-Mar-21 18:21:20

Hey OP, I work in marketing! It's really competitive unfortunately. I also did the CIM courses and I think it helped. Currently the job market is quite terrible so don't take it personally, there's lots of people out there after being made redundant/let go.

Do you want to go into a generalist role or a specific field like ppc/seo/social? Depending on your location and previous experience I found marketing agencies to be best as they have lots of entry level roles, provide training and it's a great opportunity to learn.

Do you have a portfolio you could showcase? For example of your content or social media platforms managed. Are you trying to be present/build a network on LinkedIn?

fugde08 Tue 09-Mar-21 18:20:42

I live in North Wales.

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Pebbles16 Tue 09-Mar-21 17:15:46

Where are you based?


fugde08 Tue 09-Mar-21 14:02:12

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone's having similar issues or any advice how to get my foot in the door? I'm applying for virtually every marketing job I see but I keep getting rejected because of a lack of experience. I'm really eager to learn and I'm currently studying a CIM Level 4 course and learning how to use Adobe software. I have previously ran the social media and email campaigns for my previous employment. I have also set up a blog and practised SEO, Google Analytics and Adwords through that. I'm just finding it really deflating the constant rejection and I don't understand how I'm meant to build up experience if no one will give me that first chance?

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