Culture change at work - what does it mean?

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Lushmetender Sun 07-Mar-21 13:11:43

Been working at a good company for a few years but I’ve always been a little odds at how many layers of complexity that is historical which puts pressure on my team. Lately there’s a real change of mood and the leaders are putting more work on staff as we are short staffed and this is causing stress amongst the team. Our recently very nice leaders are becoming more hard and telling managers staff will need to go on PIPs If not doing x, y and z. For myself in was recent weeks my boss has been asking if I can really deliver tough messages as I seem by to struggle with it. And also because I got one of the lower scores in employee engagement the leaders are saying I should have got needs improvement. I assured I was on board and can deliver messages but that expectation was not mentioned at the outset. The score was reasonable in my mind as most team members gave me good marks and my retention has been the same for 2.5 years. Anyway manager said I’ve got the whole year to improve re line management but I’m worried I’m being managed out? I’m not on a PIP or anything but now I’m stressed to the bone and not sleeping. I’m at a nice place with salary and long terms incentives but I’m worried I should look for another job? I don’t want to lose my job am the sole bread winner and can’t afford to lose my job! There is other stuff now starting to not go well in a project and I’m feeling really under pressure!

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TaraR2020 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:40:36

Tbh I'd start looking while it's your choice.

Its a horrible situation to be in and I can't say whether you're being managed out bit I wouldn't want to stay under these circumstances and no salary perks are worth it when its no longer a nice place and you're mental health is suffering.

Also worth considering whether you're a fit with the new culture and its heros, because if you're not, there's your answer.

Leave with your head held high to a great new role and let them get on with it.

CoRhona Sun 07-Mar-21 21:21:21

I would (in relation to the targets) become a box ticker. Do just enough to hit them so they leave you alone.

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