Asking for a promotion/different contract in this situation?

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atomt Mon 11-Jan-21 13:16:49

I've been working for a start up since 2019 on a freelancer contract - the amount of work has been quite variable as it depends entirely on other external and internal factors. It's basically customer service and the time it takes to complete the work literally depends on whether 10 or 100 customers call or email in with an issue.

I was the first customer service hire and one of only 4 people working for the company when I joined. For some of the time there's also been another person working in the same role and I've been in effect acting as their line manager just because I was the more experienced one - so I did all their training when they started, support them with more complicated queries, etc.

The business has done well despite the pandemic and is now growing. I've seen other roles opening and being recruited for as full time salaried roles in the past six months.

I want to ask the CEO/founder (my boss) if she would consider a promotion for me - to a role that doesn't exist yet but is closely related to what I do already, just with more responsibility and basically a seat at the table. This would bring my role in line with others who've joined after me in other departments. At the moment I feel like I've been there longer, been extremely loyal and committed, and still find myself in a junior level role as an "assistant" when others have joined as "manager" in different departments.

I want to finally get some job security/benefits (I don't get paid holidays or sick pay at the moment, and never know if I'll work 20 or 40 hours a month). I'm not necessarily looking for more money (although would love to...) and not a full time role so financially it would be a bit of a jump for them but not a huge one. It would be more about security, and status - basically future-proofing my CV although I'm not planning to leave them anytime soon. I know I have lots more to offer to them too and have already suggested some things over the past year that have really improved customer retention and satisfaction. I know the CEO is generally very happy with my work. I just feel overlooked somehow... not being utilised to my potential.

I'm just worried she'll say no and things will become awkward. In these pandemic times I'd rather keep what I have now if it's that or no work at all of course. I also worry that she'll say yes to creating the role and then recruit externally and I'll find my current situation get worse not better. Help!?

Has anyone done anything like this, especially at a start up/growing small business?

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Daisy829 Mon 11-Jan-21 13:20:20

If you’re a freelancer aren’t you self employed so therefore they aren’t overlooking you? From what you’ve written you want them to create a job for you? I guess you could pitch it but as a freelancer they don’t owe you anything unfortunately. One of the pitfalls of self employment.

atomt Mon 11-Jan-21 14:07:15

Yes but I think they are using the self-employed contract just to protect themselves. In practice I still need to do X tasks every day in a certain way. There are also clauses in my contract that say I'm not permitted to work for other businesses in the same sector. When I joined them everyone was on a self-employed contract, I think partly because the company was so small the amount of work really was variable. Now they're growing and that's no longer the case...

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Aprilx Mon 11-Jan-21 14:21:00

I think it is reasonable to have a discussion. I would start by discussing your employment status as it sounds like you already could be an employee or at least a worker.

Hollyhocksarenotmessy Tue 12-Jan-21 17:54:49

You aren't self employed. Companies cant just call you that just because it's convenient for them. I would start from a point of regularising the arrangement as you've realised it's a risk to the company should HMRC ever decide to audit them.

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