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President1 Wed 30-Dec-20 09:59:07

Looking for recommendations: I am looking to update and refresh my cv in preparation for looking for a new role in the new year. I will be applying for jobs in the UK, after a long period working abroad and would like some advice on what's expected and what not by UK employers for a professional role. Can anybody recommend a tried and tested consultant they have used, and were happy with? TIA

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incenseandpeppermints Thu 31-Dec-20 10:48:59

Purple CV are supposed to be good, friend used them.

TarnishedSilver Thu 31-Dec-20 16:56:27

Having just recruited up to senior manager level in Professional Services...if you are going to get a standard CV done for all the roles you apply for (which looks a bit obvious but I suppose understandable) then spend some time tailoring your covering letter, answer the points of the job description and explain why you are applying for that job - ie you want that job not just any job.
I can't tell you how many generic covering letters and CVs I read - no explanation about change of industry, new career direction, moving country, industry we specialise in - it was clear at times even reading the job ad was a challenge for some - and these were for well paid senior roles where excellent technical and communication skills were required - if they wrote an application so badly to sell themselves, we didn't hold out much hope for them being able to sell our company.

But you weren't going to do that were you!😂 Good luck - there's still a skills shortage out there, so if you're good, there are jobs.

President1 Fri 01-Jan-21 14:46:51

Thank you both - really helpful. And no - I wasn't planning to commit any of those basic errors! Happy New Year to all

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