Not sure if I want to go back after mat leave - do I tell them?

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Funkypolar Tue 08-Dec-20 22:55:53

For context, it’s a huge public sector organisation.

I’m not very happy there and don’t want to go back after mat leave. I have a place on a PCGE for next year so weighing up whether to take it.

Do I tell my manager that or keep quiet?

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Cherry321 Tue 08-Dec-20 23:05:17

When are you due back?

I’d wait and see what happens if it’s not for a while?

Funkypolar Tue 08-Dec-20 23:07:32

I’ve not even started mat leave yet but my manager wanted to know what I was doing about my leave.

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cabbageking Tue 08-Dec-20 23:14:57

You don't need to tell them anything. The assumption is you will take the year.
You are still employed while on Mat leave and only have to give the correct notice near the end. Whether you go back or not is a decision to be taken later on.

DianeChambers Tue 08-Dec-20 23:17:23

You may need to pay back any mat pay above stat mat pay.

spaceghetto Tue 08-Dec-20 23:23:58

I was only on statutory mat pay but went back for 6 months then started a pgce. Best decision I have ever made! I love teaching and feel so happy changing careers!

VimFuego101 Tue 08-Dec-20 23:31:47

I would not tell them anything until you're legally obliged to do so, just in case your circumstances change. If they pay you more than the legal minimum maternity pay, check whether you're obliged to pay them anything back.

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