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imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 14:27:38

Hi all! Just after a bit of advice... As the title suggests I work for the NHS (will be in the role for 2 years in January 2021). Earlier this year I was off sick from Feb-June. I have been back working since mid June but am seriously struggling again at the moment and would desperately like to take some time off. Does anyone know if I would be paid for any further time off sick that I take this year? And if so would it be full pay/half pay/statutory sick pay etc? Any advice would be really appreciated!

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JacobReesMogadishu Sun 29-Nov-20 14:32:50

during the second year of service – two months’ full pay and two months’ half pay
during the third year of service – four months’ full pay and four months’ half pay

If you’ve already had 4 months off I don’t think you’d get anymore.


JacobReesMogadishu Sun 29-Nov-20 14:34:30

Though maybe it resets because you’ve come back, I’m not sure?

Hope you’re ok.

JacobReesMogadishu Sun 29-Nov-20 14:36:43

There is a clause as well that if the sickness is due to work related stuff that it’s treated differently, so I think the months half pay, months full pay isn’t used for that.

imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 14:37:49

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Thats really helpful. smile Yes thats what I wondered... whether it might reset again as I've been back for 5 months. I think I may have to contact HR to clarify!

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Poppystars Sun 29-Nov-20 14:40:16

Do you have any annual leave you could use?

imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 14:45:47

I think I have two weeks left to last me until March... But yes, worst case scenario I guess I could use it now and then just hope it would be enough to get me feeling better and that I can make it through to April without needing any more time off after that. confused

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JacobReesMogadishu Sun 29-Nov-20 15:06:45

Yes it’s not clear from that link whether it resets.

JacobReesMogadishu Sun 29-Nov-20 15:08:27

Oh I think this bit means it doesn’t reset.

14.7 The period during which sick pay should be paid and the rate of sick pay for any period of absence is calculated, by deducting from the employee’s entitlement on the first day of sickness, the aggregate periods of paid sickness absence during the 12 months immediately preceding that day.

So it’s based on how much sickness in the last 12 months. But do check with HR.

imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 15:13:21

Hmm, yes I think you're right... I'll give HR a call tomorrow to clarify I think just to double check! Thank you so much. smile

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Soontobe60 Sun 29-Nov-20 15:18:49

Can I just say that contacting HR to determine if you’ll be paid if you're off sick again might sound somewhat dodgy? Has your GP advised you to take time off sick? If so, and you're still going into work, you might again be on dodgy ground. It does sound that you've already exhausted all your paid SL with the 5 months you had off earlier this year. How did HR deal with that? Did you have a back to work meeting?

flowery Sun 29-Nov-20 15:26:43

Sounds like a rolling 12 month period, so if entitlement has been used up in the 12 months prior to the first day, it doesn’t re set.

Forgive me op but it reads as though your decision about whether or not you are fit to work will depend on what someone in HR says about your pay.

For the benefit of your health and your ability to stay in work longer term, if you’re not well enough according to your doctor, you shouldn’t be at work. If you’re not fit for work, going to work anyway is surely likely to make things worse?

S00LA Sun 29-Nov-20 16:03:29

I think that taking time off because you are tired is what annual
leave and TOIL is for.

Also you have 3-4 public holidays in a few weeks. Why don’t you use some of your leave between Christmas and new year and you will be get a long break?

Or if you are unwell, see your GP.

Crazycrazylady Sun 29-Nov-20 16:12:30

Honestly op. You will be on dodgy ground already with so much sick leave. I hope you're permanent already or you could be in real trouble..

imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 16:18:42

Yes I know you're right... I don't feel well enough to work at the moment and my doctor is well aware of my situation and would support me going off sick so really that's what I should do. I just worry that if it will be unpaid then I'll have no income and that in itself presents a whole other problem.

And I agree, I also worry that my call to HR will raise some eyebrows which is why I wanted to ask on here first to try and avoid asking them directly...

I may have to just have to go off sick and take the potential financial hit for a while I think. Thanks all for your thoughts!

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Skipsurvey Sun 29-Nov-20 16:21:01

remember HR are not on your Side op
look up your contract

imfiiiine Sun 29-Nov-20 16:23:07

To add, yes I'm permanent and work have been incredibly supportive thus far and are doing everything they can to help me. My line manager has been amazing so I'm very lucky there. I am however very aware of my precarious situation after already being off so long and thats why I've tried desperately hard not to have anymore time off. I may try and persevere until christmas and then see how I feel...

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Skipsurvey Sun 29-Nov-20 16:24:27

can you recharge your batteries by a long weekend op?

HarrietPotterska Sun 29-Nov-20 16:26:32

I don't think it resets. Are your health difficulties something that would class as a disability? If not, could you reduce your hours?

QueenOfPain Sun 29-Nov-20 16:27:06

@Crazycrazylady Op has already said she’s in her second year of employment. I don’t know why you mean by “on dodgy ground with so much sick leave”. She had one continuous period of long term sick, which she would have been signed off for, so nobody had got a leg to stand on with taking any action against her for it. OP didn’t give us any insight into her medical background so we’ve no idea what the time off was for and whether that condition has recurred.

Your post is pointless fearmongering and likely to make the OP anxious.

Skipsurvey Sun 29-Nov-20 16:29:04

surely it resets in april?
so you were off for 3 months.
but i think you need to do some more research op.

Newuser991 Sun 29-Nov-20 16:29:29

God almighty

Where i am sick is cant work or in hospital

Sounds like piss take.

Skipsurvey Sun 29-Nov-20 16:30:27

@Newuser991 go away

NewMumOrpington Sun 29-Nov-20 16:30:45

Hi OP,

Sorry you're not well. If you have a union rep at your workplace then ask them rather than HR.

Take care.

pincertoe Sun 29-Nov-20 16:34:25

Sickness in the NHS is rolling. So the first day of sick leave you could back a year and any sickness taken within a year is deducted off your entitlement. You could have someone who has full pay but no half pay eg someone has 6 months full, 6 months half, off 1 Sep 19 to 31 Aug 20. Goes off again 1 dec 20 so has 3 months full pay but no half pay.

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