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Lightsareonnobodyshome Thu 26-Nov-20 15:49:58

I have been shortlisted for a role that is advertised as full time, but I am looking for part time hours of around 30 hours per week. I contacted the recruiting manager and asked if the role would be suitable for around 30 per week and they advised that the role is full time but they would consider a job share if 2 suitable appointable candidates wanted this. I submitted my application before I received the response.
As a result I am not sure what to do about the interview..?

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TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 26-Nov-20 16:23:17

Well, if youre successful you're going to have to consider whether you will compromise for full time hours or two go halfers with the shifts.

HotSince63 Thu 26-Nov-20 16:30:26

So it's either going to be full time.

Or half time, most likely comprising of two and a half days every week, or two days one week three days the next.

I don't understand the dilemma? Are either of those options doable for you?

If not, decline the interview.

I can't tell you how frustrating (and costly) it is to shortlist, interview, discuss, invite back for second interview, offer the job, to then be told "well the hours aren't what I'm after" when the hours have been made perfectly clear in advance.

bringbackCabanas Thu 26-Nov-20 18:34:40

Could you afford to drop down to .5 or .6 in order to accommodate a job share? Is it the kind of role where there are likely to be applicants in a similar situation to you?
If so, I would be honest and at the end of the interview, explain that you are seeking part time hours so looking for a job share scenario.

flowery Thu 26-Nov-20 19:51:34

What do you mean you’re not sure what to do? Sounds like they’ve been clear. If full time or job share would work for you, go to the interview. If not, there’s no point.

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