Flexible working for single parent

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TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 26-Nov-20 12:28:47

Oh OP. This sounds horrible. I can't help personally, but bumping in the hope that someone else sees this thread with some good advice.

Onlime Wed 25-Nov-20 23:25:02


I am a single mum and have been working for this organisation over 3 years now.
After returning from maternity leave I requested flexible working. However, my request was turned down initially as I now have a new line manager since returning, one of his reason it is because I manage one other person and she is already overworked with a backlog which was created while I was on maternity leave as they decided not to recruit anyone for 12 months despite the fact that they told me they would recruit an interim due to the volume of work.
Now I am under so much stress I have been back 6 months and they are making my life living hell. By accusing me of bullying someone that I have been managing for 3 years with no prior issues, accusing me of not given her a proper handover when I went on maternity leave and also saying that I have not completed any of my projects since coming back from maternity leave. All this is not true as I have evidence to back it up. Also after having the baby due to stress with my ex partner and being left on my own financially I had a few seizures and dr put me on epilepsy medication as I have had epilepsy since young age - I told my manager but they are not being very supportive plus we are going through TUPE restructuring- it’s a public sector organisation.
I am so stressed I don’t know what to do.
Has anyone been through similar situation.
Plus I raised a grievance against my manager as he was verbally abusive but the organisation seems to side with him as there were no witnesses.
Can anyone share their experience dealing with something similar.
I am so stressed and anxious as I have always had my things in order and now I feel scared with a baby- she means the world to me and I should be grateful for having a job in this current climate but I feel like they are making my life hell. All this can easily trigger a seizure episode and I am really scared. I love to work I have been working almost all my life but this is so difficult.

Please please can someone help.

Many thanks in advance

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