New job at same company after redundancy?

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2020spring Mon 09-Nov-20 17:47:26

My job was put up for redundancy this year, I accepted voluntary redundancy and my last day of employment was 30th September.

I have just seen my old company are advertising some jobs (completely different department, not related to my old job) but does anyone know if I can apply for a different job there after being given a redundancy pay out?

FWIW interviews are in Dec so the role wouldn't start until January, so 3 months after I left

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RandomMess Mon 09-Nov-20 17:50:19

Don't see why not?? They made the role redundant not you and presumably you weren't offered the opportunity to apply for those jobs instead of redundancy at the time?

Casmama Mon 09-Nov-20 17:52:21

It's not your fault that the positions weren't available to you during the consultation period so I think it would be worth applying. If you have a positive employment history with the company and the skill set required then you should stand a good chance I would think.

SmiteTheeWithThunderbolts Mon 09-Nov-20 18:02:59

Some companies have a policy of not employing redundant staff within a certain time scale (if at all) but if this were the case it would have been included in your settlement agreement.

I worked at a university where it went from never being allowed to work there ever again, to being allowed to return after a minium period of one month (and I think any sooner than that and you'd have to return the redundancy pay).

So there is no law that prohibits you returning to the same company, but they might have a policy about it and there might be a mininum break for you to keep the redundancy payout.

Mmmmdanone Mon 09-Nov-20 19:07:04

We have to wait 6 months in our place before being re-employed. Might be different there though.

MrPanks Mon 09-Nov-20 19:19:19

This is a question I am interested in, is there any statutory period in which you cannot be re employed by the company? My DH was made redundant, there was no stipulation in his letter of redundancy that referred to this.

2020spring Mon 09-Nov-20 22:21:06

Thanks for all your replies - I can't see anywhere in my severance letter that mentions it so I think I will just go ahead and apply and see what happens!

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2020spring Thu 03-Dec-20 09:59:26

Sorry to revive this again...

I did eventually find on a document that it mentioned that if reemployed the severance payment would need to be paid back pro-rata

Does anyone know what pro-rata would mean in this instance?

If it's helpful - I got paid in total about 2.5 months salary, and that included my 1 month notice period payment

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purpledagger Thu 03-Dec-20 10:09:52

It probably varies between organisations, but where I worked (non departmental government body - civil service), It was based on your payment and how long you had been away for eg 6 months redundancy, finished at 6months. In your case, 2.5 months pay would be 2.5 months before you could rejoin.

Iwillneverbesatisfied Thu 03-Dec-20 14:45:07

I cant work for my employer again until 12 months have passed

Not that I would want to!

17thEarlOfOxford Thu 03-Dec-20 14:46:22

You might also want to check if the severance pay would be taxed if you do this.

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