Do I need a new contract?

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Fridgeandkitchen Sat 07-Nov-20 08:09:17

Last year, I signed a new contract as my role changed to cover two different positions/roles within the firm. 30 hours per week over 5 days.

Things changed due to COVID and I made a request to change my hours.

I am now back doing one of the roles only. Still 30 hours per week but now over 4 days so one day off a week.

We have a timing system which means I clock in and out every day and this is set to my 30 hours over 4 days.

I never want to go back to the two role job. I hated it. They don’t know that though.

Should I ask to change contract? I do have an email from the CEO from when we returned from Furlough stating my one role job however, that included my part time hours and part furlough hours from June That lasted to October when I went to 4 days/30 hours. Hope that makes sense.

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