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tortoiseshell1985 Wed 28-Oct-20 20:02:08

I have just come out of a redundancy process, my role vanished and new roles were created as part of an overall restructuring. I have secured one of those roles
The problem is we had to undergo assessments/ tests and bluntly I didn't do very well. In fact, had it not been some people didn't want to apply for the new roles and accepted a voluntary redundancy I am sure I would have been gone.
As an example on one test, mental agility, I got 14 out of 50. Most got at least 30. I'm pretty much mathematically illiterate, and this was really highlighted
I also didn't do great on job related test competencies
I haven't mentioned any of this at work we are all wfh anyway and my results haven't been discussed I was just told I had the new role.
My confidence is on the floor. I can do the job I had but really doubting now if I can do this one which has fundamental of the old one but some differences.
It doesn't help that, I have made 20 applications for other jobs thinking I was going to be redundant and didn't even get an interview. Some of them asked you to complete tests inc verbal reasoning I suspect I scored low.
Feeling terribly anxious about it all confused

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CoRhona Thu 29-Oct-20 00:08:16

There are hundreds of people applying for every job now so don't let that worry you.

Congratulations on the job - as you say, no-one will know what your scores are.

Debradoyourecall Thu 29-Oct-20 03:33:54

Anxiety under pressure and knowing that you were being tested may have caused your low scores. In real life you have more time to think and probably access to a calculator so you don’t have to do maths in your head! You say you could do your old job - I’m sure you will pick up the new parts of this job too.

Mintjulia Thu 29-Oct-20 03:47:10

You have your job so the anxiety will pass. If the job role involves more things, this is your opportunity to learn some new skills and gain some wider experience. That's a good thing.

As for maths, have you considered going to a catch-up night class? It would give you more confidence. My dsis failed her maths GCSE twice, left school and gave up. In her twenties she took a course and passed first try.

Maths GCSE and being 16 sometimes don't go well together. smile

tortoiseshell1985 Thu 29-Oct-20 08:33:30

Thank you for your replies. I actually did some dyscalculia testing a few years ago, but that didn't give clear indications of dyscalculia it did however indicate I may have issues with short term memory function and processing short term memory into long term therefore affecting ability to retain memory of how to do mathematical calculations may be an issue. That kind of makes sense as I have temporal lobe epilepsy.
I can have a calculator but I wouldn't know what is being asked, understand what to do.
I'm very grateful for Google smile
I will see how we go with this, maybe post covid times whenever that is, new opportunities will come up elsewhere I feel more confident with

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dooratheexplorer Thu 29-Oct-20 09:09:33

Try not to worry. You got the job so the tests couldn't have been that important.

It's tough out there at the moment. I would imagine that most people are looking at 20+ applications and no responses. You won't be unusual in that respect.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. I'm brilliantly organised and a great planner but I can't cope in rapid fire situations where I have a million things coming at me at once. My brain just switches off! You need to identify these and find the job/environment that is a good match for you.

I stumbled on this book recently. Haven't read it but it looks like an interesting read. Worth a look maybe?

tortoiseshell1985 Thu 29-Oct-20 11:06:13

Thank you. Just had update will be staying on same section so at least working in familiar area don't need learn lots new procedures and tech in that sense. Will have more ground to cover, but I will take it steady Been such a nightmare since this started end of August!

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dooratheexplorer Thu 29-Oct-20 12:43:41

That's good. Let the dust settle and focus on the new role. It will probably be much better than you think.

Once you're bedded in you can think potentially think about something new that makes better use of your skills and abilities. I'm sure you have loads!

tortoiseshell1985 Thu 29-Oct-20 12:59:12

Thank you really appreciate the kind comments
I am off today and had lots queries others on my level asking me how you do this, that....I will pick up on Monday and explain, as they are not urgent queries and they know I'm off but that's helped the nerves a bit as clearly of some use/ merit

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