Hate new job !

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strawberrysummer19 Wed 21-Oct-20 07:47:44

Help! I started a new job and it's only been a couple of weeks I know but I was little out of my debts but went for it as really needed to work as had a small break from last job which left because of stress

This one I've been thrown in the deep end
The work is untenable

BUT the hours are around school run
The pay is so good
The people are nice - it's a small family run of people that have no idea of my job because the last person ran the office

I knew it was a learn as you go job but I feel I'm drowning - I can't sleep as it's been affecting that and I'm completely run down

I don't know what to do

I can't ask them (my boss ) as she really has no idea

I feel they should have taken someone on who knew what they were doing

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WatchOutTheSkyIsFalling Wed 21-Oct-20 07:55:05

I dont think it necessarily goes against you to ask for some additional training - especially if you say you're happy to do in your own time if they can provide the training resources? It would make you feel better in the long run, and they owe you a proper onboarding process. At least the job isn't a total write off once you get over the learning curve stage - nice people, good hours and pay etc all sounds worth trying to get it to work...

strawberrysummer19 Wed 21-Oct-20 08:00:32

The thing is, the training comes from within and just a general overall of what and how it's run as it's just me in the office

When I asked at the start she did say there isn't anyone to ask you just need to pick it up as you go

Some days I have nothing to do and ok often in the unit alone...so I have tried YouTube tutorials etc but it's just not helping

There's so much to do finance wise and although I've done finance roles it's been noty like this and I'm left feeling like ok guessing all day and with no one to ask it feels horrible

I'm just used to working with more people

The people I say that are nice are people who come in and out who have no idea of my role ( sales reps )

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movingagain20 Wed 21-Oct-20 08:01:40

It's still really early days, I think it takes at least 6 months to really settle somewhere. If you are struggling, speak to your manager, you need more support, if she can't help I'm sure she can find someone who can.

nancybotwinbloom Wed 21-Oct-20 08:18:43

Yes give it time. Six months to get to grips with it. Six months to improve your processes.

Two years to have a promotion in your head that you want to start working towards.

Three to five to get your promotion.

Or there abouts.

underneaththeash Wed 21-Oct-20 18:15:57

Get good at one thing at a time, then move onto the next thing.
Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. They wouldn't have hired you unless they thought you were capable.

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