Help, dhs redundancy worked out on wrong figures!

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 13-Oct-20 14:45:39

Dh was given 24hrs on Friday morning to take vr or lose about £5k.

So, he signed to say he’d take it.

But we’ve looked at the figures and instead of 14 weeks at 1.5weeks as he’s 55 they’ve allowed 14 x 1 week so he’s about £4K short of legal requirement.

Is it too late to complain? He won’t receive his payments till end of October.

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flowery Tue 13-Oct-20 15:13:19

Of course it's not too late - if they've got it wrong it needs correcting.

On what basis would he "lose £5k"? Were they saying they'd pay him £5k more than statutory minimum if he took VR? In which case he should inform them that they have calculated it wrong, and the relevant amount should be [whatever stat minimum is] + £5k.

Florencex Tue 13-Oct-20 15:21:35

Do you mean the £5k was an incentive to accept voluntary redundancy? So he would have missed out rather than actually lost it?

No it is not too late to ask them to correct the statutory payment.

ChillerKillerCroissant Tue 13-Oct-20 15:26:00

Check it on the website, I think they have a calculator there - there is a maximum number of years service (20) that they calculate it on for the statutory minimum. Definitely check it, though.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 13-Oct-20 15:40:35

Ignore me, we’ve been using the wrong figures and it is correct.

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