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Bash32 Wed 09-Sep-20 08:02:28

Hi, hoping for some advice...
I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with a strong likelyhood I am about to be made redundant.

I have been furloughed since march and have recently found a second job as a supper worker for adults with special needs/learning support. This is a new field for me and upon learning more about my job roll there is a lot more care work involved - helping with bathing/dressing/toileting/bed changing . The residents are unable to understand social distancing and often get quite up close and personal! I would normally have no problem with this but after reading up more on pregnancy and the workplace during Covid-19 I am unsure if this is a suitable work environment (especially as I am inexperienced) .

I guess what I'm asking is , would you consider this a sensible work environment during this pandemic and being pregnant? Are there any other support workers with advice on how they have adapted their role?

Thanks! X

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