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KatherineJaneway Sun 30-Aug-20 16:19:17

Worth just having a chat and seeing how the land lies.

thinpigeon Fri 28-Aug-20 16:44:54

The relationship is generally fine but I think my decision to leave will be a bit unexpected and potentially difficult to recruit a replacement with the current situation. I think they might be unwilling, but three months is a long time!

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KatherineJaneway Fri 28-Aug-20 06:36:14

All you can do is negotiate and see if they will let you go sooner. How is your relationship with your manager?

Florencex Fri 28-Aug-20 06:32:53

No there is nothing in particular you need to do, other than talk to your manager.

mrsed1987 Thu 27-Aug-20 21:50:49

All you can do is ask!

thinpigeon Thu 27-Aug-20 21:47:30

Hi all,

In my current position I have a notice period of three months. However, I have been offered a new job that would like me to start as soon as possible (although they are aware of my current contractual obligations). I am lucky enough to be in an industry that has not been adversely affected by covid (if anything we are busier than ever!) so my current company are unlikely to be looking to reduce staffing.

Is there anything that I can do/say to make it more likely that they will agree to a shorter notice period of 1-2 months?


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