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Ok, have a dilemma and not sure what to do

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saltire Fri 05-Oct-07 10:41:15

As some of you know I have been a CM for 6 years. I have started the registration process down here in Hampshire but it's going to be Jan/Feb at the earliest that I can work. In the meantime I have applied for seasonal work in Bhs, Boots and Waterstones. All have asked me to come for interview . The problem is , if I get any of the jobs I will be required to work Saturdays, not a problem,I've done it before. However the childminding course is on 2 saturdays in November. If I don't go without good reason I have to pay £50, also if i don't go the next ones aren't until Feb/March time, which means my CM application will be delayed even further. I need to do the 2 courses before I can even think of working as a CM.
I'm not sure wether to mention it at interview, or wait and see if I get one of the jobs first, then tell them.

foofi Fri 05-Oct-07 10:45:05

I think I would mention it at interview. They usually honour pre-booked holidays, so they ought to be OK about a couple of days. If you left it until you had the job and they said no, you'd have to take a sickie and they'd obviously realise you were skiving. Probably less stressful to be upfront with them IMHO.

Good luck by the way!

nimnom Fri 05-Oct-07 10:48:31

As a former retail employer, i would recommend that you tell them at interview and say that you are happy to make up the hours elsewhere. If they are specifically taking you on with Saturday working in mind they will be really miffed if you turn round and say you cannot work two saturdays after they've offered you the job. If I thought you were the right person for the job I would be more than happy to work around your Saturday courses as long as I knew in advance of giving you that job.

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