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Uhoh233 Tue 25-Aug-20 19:08:19

Last year I applied for two jobs with the same employer but in different departments. I didn’t do great in either ( answered some questions okay , some badly ). It totally knocked my confidence.

Now I’ve applied for a couple of jobs again with this employer.However I’m wondering if they will even consider me for them as they know my other interviews were not very good?I’m capable of doing the jobs , they are at the correct level / experience . I’d be much more confident at answering the interview questions better now . But I’m worried they may see my name and think oh no .

They are local authority jobs by the way .

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BF2748 Wed 26-Aug-20 00:31:14

It’s probably past experiences knocking your confidence but I’m sure they wouldn’t have invited you for second interview if the first was so bad!

Lots of luck!

Moondust001 Wed 26-Aug-20 07:11:02

There would be no check on whether you have been interviewed before in a local authority, and it wouldn't be a factor at all.

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