Complicated mat pay question

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Darkestseasonofall Thu 30-Jul-20 09:48:25

I'm hoping someone can advise, I've overthought this now and can't work it out.

I'm NHS so entitled to 9 months OMP on top of SMP.

I had the OMP stretched over 12 months as I wanted to take a year off. I'm 9 months in and desperate to go back to work, due to financial and personal reasons. If I went back early would I still be entitled to the OMP element that I've not yet had?

I think I would be, as in theory I could have had it all by now, had I taken it over the standard 9 months. But I'm not sure.

Any help would be fab, thanks.

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Feminist10101 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:27:14

NHS staff don’t get 9 months OMP......

It’s 8 weeks full and 18 weeks half plus SMP then 13 weeks just SMP.

Your employer should be able to adjust it so that you get the remainder of your pay now.

Kassandra1 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:29:30

You wont get OMP when you're not on maternity if that's what you're asking? You'll get your normal wage as you'll be back in work?

Feminist10101 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:43:44

The OP has been off 9 months but has only had 3/4 of the pay owed due to requesting pay be spread over 12 months.

So yes, she is owed 1/4 plus salary on return.

Boomclaps Thu 30-Jul-20 22:45:33

You’re owed 1/4 mat pay. You can request it with next months pay pack. But we have to give 8 weeks notice to return early?

Darkestseasonofall Fri 31-Jul-20 07:03:19

Thanks all!
I managed to get through to payroll in the end after days of trying, they also said I would entitled to be paid, which is a relief.

@boomclaps you're right of course, I'm not sure if this has been wavered a bit due to Covid, but I thought I'd check out the finances first before I spoke to my manager.

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BendingSpoons Fri 31-Jul-20 07:06:29

Glad you got it sorted. We only have to give 4 weeks notice to change a return to work date, but in reality they are usually keen to have you back and don't mind if you are returning early!

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