Is this legal? Is it discrimination? WWYD? any advice please?

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killerofmen Tue 28-Jul-20 11:31:45

I would speak to the union. It doesn't seem like obvious discrimination but definitely worthy of a grievance and an investigation of how the acting up position was allocated.

Hoppinggreen Mon 27-Jul-20 20:27:21

What grounds do you think you have been discriminated on?
I believe that to have been discriminated against you have to have a protected characteristic, do you have one?

snowday888 Mon 27-Jul-20 18:02:26

I have done this public sector IT role for years, few appraisals but very positive feedback and same job description over years has not changed to focus on systems etc I manage now.

New post advertised as permanent - I covered all essential and desirable character. It is largely the role I am doing already at the next grade up. I prepared for it - conversations with manager etc. Interview went well but received feedback that day to say unsuccessful. I was disappointed.

My line manager (not involved in the recruitment) sent me an email later that day that showed that someone else had been recruited to the post before the closing date and was on the HR system as already in post (he and I both have access to it officially, but he found this).

I queried this and was then told that actually it was a temporary acting up post into the role March- June, which had not been communicated to any of the staff. That person then got the permanent job. I queried why there was no communication on the acting up, no mention of it until the database entry and not even in the interview feedback. The person who got the job does not have all the essential or desirable criteria. However they are good friends with all the interview panel, and they remained office based since March even though we were all encouraged to work from home and I was only able to work from home due to childcare and health issues. I do feel I was overlooked for the acting up role and this disadvantaged me for the permanent appointment. I also queried this. They have now decided that the new post will be line manager for me and my boss so I feel hampered in trying to progress further in the organisation if I take out a grievance etc now. WWYD?

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