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shift work and pregnancy

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positive Sat 29-Sep-07 09:24:29


My current work involves working 12 hour shifts day and night - on a shift pattern. I have stopped working nights after speaking to my line manager - other staff have done the same when pregnant. My problem is that having done so my boss has several times put me down on the rota to work 3 12 hr days in a row. I have explained that I think this is unreasonable and that I would be too tired working 3 days in a row. whilst it was changed it has happened again - but since then ive had to go off sick due to tiredness.

Am i being unreasonable, what can I do to stop this happening. I dont want stop working the 12 hr days at the moment but may do later on in my pregnancy - i'm 11 +4.
I have checked maternity regulations but not quite sure what to do.

PS - i had to take my employer to an idustrial tribunal regarding maternity related sickness when pregnant and after m/c last year - I won the case. So wary of how they are going to react when I speak to them again regarding my working hours.

thanks for any answers

3Ddonut Sat 29-Sep-07 09:28:38

I'm guessing you're a nurse or in the med profession, have you had a meeting with occy health yet, they should do a risk assessment. This applies to any job I believe. When you have your return to work interview after sick leave, they should be asking you what they can do to help prevent further sickness, you should tell them not to give you 3 12's in a row, I would also put your request in writing as otherwise it's only word of mouth. If you get no joy, see their manager, if not poss, try to access occy health again as they should be on your side, still no luck, go on the sick, it's not worth your health and baby's. Sorry to hear of your prev miscarriage.

3Ddonut Sat 29-Sep-07 09:30:16

I was finding 12 hours too much towards the end of my 2nd pg, and swapped back to traditional shifts but sometimes it's harder to go in five days a week, also you are entitled to have a lie down should you feel you need it. Why not have a chat with your m/w about it?

Whizzz Sat 29-Sep-07 09:37:48

A risk assessment is a legal requirement

HSE Info here

positive Sat 29-Sep-07 09:40:37

Hi 3D,

My employer has never as far as I know referred any control staff to occ health when preg - I can self refer if I want. No risk assessment has been carried out - had none last time either.
Problem is that it took them 9mths to do my return to work interview after pg related sickness last time which was totally mad as I'd had the mc.

Will speak to m/w next week at my scan/booking in appt.
will also make sure I put everything in writing just in case.

thanks x

3Ddonut Sat 29-Sep-07 09:43:47

Get a risk assessment done then you can get another person involved about your shift issues.

It's disgusting that you had no risk assessment and it took so long for your return to work interview. Who do you work for???

Whizzz Sat 29-Sep-07 09:58:10

You have a legal right to ask for a risk assessment & your employers have a legal obligation to carry one out, taking into account your pregnancy. Look at the LAW section of my link

positive Sat 29-Sep-07 10:03:54

Will def get a risk assessment - just looked at the HSE website so will print off the info so I can make sure I go about things the correct way. I see from that website I need to inform my employer in writing that i'm pg to get a specific RA for me.
Its just so confusing knowing exactly what you are entitled to - after m/c I want to make sure everything goes well with this pregnancy (will be our first child) - it may be our last chance.
I just hate having to speak with my boss as as I've said not sure what i'm entitled to but at least I will be able to speak to m/w and then my gp who has to sign me off the sick before going back to work.

Whizzz Sat 29-Sep-07 10:14:02

Have a good look round the HSE website, there are useful leaflets you can take with you also. I used to work in H&S - I know it can appear confusing but the HSE info is set out very clearly. Best of luck & congrats !

positive Sat 29-Sep-07 10:20:43

Whizz and 3D thanks for your help - wish i'd known about MN last time round.
Have a great weekend x

3Ddonut Sat 29-Sep-07 10:28:08

well you've found MN now! Good luck let us know how you get on.

positive Sat 29-Sep-07 10:32:27

will do, dont go back to work for 1 1/2 wks but think i'll speak to my boss before then. then they'll have time to arrange the RA for my first day back at work!

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