being made redundant - but really busy

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SnowballSevenoaks Fri 17-Jul-20 21:43:58

My employer is making my role redundant, however I am still really busy and the company's demands are actually increasing if anything. Colleagues say it just doesn't make sense to eliminate my role because we are stretched as it is. Would there be any point in writing to management to point out this and if so, how should I do it? BTW I would like to keep my job rather than leaving. thanks for any advice.

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Blankiefan Fri 17-Jul-20 22:10:54

You should have consultation meetings during which you can raise this. Ask how they plan to resource the work and describe the workload.

AlwaysCheddar Sat 18-Jul-20 08:27:52

Tell them! You’ve got nothing to lose. Any suggestions on how to improve working?

purpledagger Sat 18-Jul-20 09:16:45

To add to what blankiefan wrote, you need to find out what their reasons are for cutting your role and build your argument around that.

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