Looking for advice over whether this has been badly done!

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Coppercreek Sun 05-Jul-20 08:24:35

Hi there,

Looking for some advice as I don't think this process has been done correctly or fairly.

DP works for a charity that provides a service, they were told in February that the council was taking over this service and the staff would be TUPE across to the local council on 1st April.

There was only 1 face to face meeting which was just to see how staff felt about it. DP was in a bad position as following a breakdown 2 years ago when he didn't turn up to work he was moved to a 0 hour contract. The council refused to TUPE a 0 hour contract as they don't offer them. However DP has worked 6 on 3 off for the past 18 months of his contract.

Lockdown happens and the decision is made that they will delay the TUPE and the staff from that site will be furlough.

Roll on June and he is informed he will be taken off furlough and TUPE will happen on 1st July, however his workplace and the other workplace in his contract are not open but they've forced all the staff to work at other sites far away, including DP. He managed to negotiate working set days for 30 hours a week for now, but still no solid contract, doing 30 hours he will now earn less than his furlough amount but cannot do anymore as I need to work aswell and only 2 out of the 3 kids are at school and then it is different days and only 2 days a week.

Its a nightmare for us, we only have 1 car and he worked at the particular site that he did as he can walk there from home, we have a disabled DS and 2 young DDs and I have to work and do school runs etc. He was to be at work at the same time I need to be dropping DD at school 20 miles away.

I know there is not much I can do about it as he needs to keep his job so I will just have to cope but AIBU to think its bloody poor form to TUPE in the middle of a global pandemic when the council cannot furlough staff so have a ridiculous amount of staff they don't need at other sites.

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