Constructive dismissal or just disorganized?

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Namechange2020july Tue 30-Jun-20 06:59:36

Name change as I want to remain as anonymous as possible.
I’m a teacher in an international school (not in the UK). I was told I could come back part time and I have that in writing. I’ve been chasing them for specific days but they’ve said my hours depend on timetabling. Timetabling won’t be finished until late August, way after all of the crèches are filled up. Besides it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m given a reduced timetable but I’m in school everyday, thus meaning I have a reduced salary and to pay full price at the nursery.
I’m going to try to speak to the head tomorrow I just don’t know what rights I have. Feel like they are forcing me to either quit or come back full time.
Any suggestions on what I can say to the head would be appreciated,
Thank you for reading this

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ConstanceSalinger Tue 30-Jun-20 07:39:12

Under normal circumstances when would you expect to have your timetable?

Is it just you that this affects?

It does sound stressful!

Namechange2020july Tue 30-Jun-20 08:17:35

The school is disorganized, so no. In other schools I’d be able to state the days I can’t work and then they timetable around me around that.
Ive spoken to another mum who’s in a similar position

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