NHS redeployment, help! Advice needed :)

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Maxine3477 Tue 30-Jun-20 06:16:33

Ok, so the service I work for in the NHS is at risk of being closed down as the commissioners have just announced there's never been the budget for it. The service has been operating since early 2019, but without funding.
This is my first ever role within the NHS so I'm not sure what to expect but colleagues tell me we would most likely be offered re-deployment anywhere that has vacancies within the Trust.
Being a single mum with no childcare help and without my own transport, I need to work somewhere local to home and within similar part time hours to the hours I currently work.
Would any of my requirements like this be taken into account when I'm being offered any re-deployment?
Chances are, I could be offered something I can't physcially reach or that clashes with my childcare, meaning I'd have to refuse it. The other people who will be affected by this closure of the service all have their own transport and don't have young children at home, so they're all like "it doesn't make any difference to us where we are sent..". But to me, the inconvenience would be life-changing. What are my rights? Somebody mentioned that I'll be made 2 possible redeployment offers and if I turn them down (even for valid reasons like simply being unable to get there), then I'll have to resign and therefore wouldn't even be entitled to any unemployment benefits until I can find new employment closer to home.

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dontdisturbmenow Tue 30-Jun-20 08:44:53

It depends on many factors. Your grade (more flexibility is expected from higher grades), how different the role is, how different the hours are, how much further.

There are cases that have gone to tribunal and won, one similar to your situation but they had to travel much further and could evidence that they really couldn't get childcare.

The issue in yoru case though is that you are not eligible to redundancy as you've been employed under 2 yearswithin the nhs, so legally, they can dismiss you without any reasons.

Cross fingers they will work with you and things will turn out ok.

flowery Tue 30-Jun-20 09:06:17

They can't offer you something that isn't there. If there are no vacancies that are nearer/more convenient, they are not expected to create them. If they offer you something you can't accept or don't want, you can decline it.

GwenSaturn Tue 30-Jun-20 09:53:38

Sorry to hear OP. thanks

But what rights are you looking for? If the funding or roles aren't there, they aren't there... and you won't be entitled to redundancy under two years.

Are the two alternatives really impossible to get to? Is there any opportunity for you to get a car?

It might be worth sharing your concerns with your manager and asking if there would be any other options for you. I don't know what you do, but the NHS is so broad, there must be something you could do that's still local?

Might be worth getting your CV in order just in case.

jadealisha Wed 01-Jul-20 23:47:11

I've just checked my contract with my Trust and it states this:

The Trust may require you to change your normal place of work either temporarily or on a permanent basis. This could be the result of development or reorganisation of Trust services. The Trust will discuss this with you and will give you reasonable notice of your relocation.

When it comes to childcare why can't your child's go to nursery? I'm also a single mother working within the NHS and unfortunately have to pay for nursery fees. I'd rather not lol but otherwise I wouldn't be able to work

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