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What is it about the British psych that doesn't get that salary and good conditions are the return for doing a good job?

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Bubble99 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:48:48

I just don't get it.

Mr Bubble and I run a small daycare nursery business (two nurseries). We employ 19 staff and pay comparatively well. Our (untrained) nursery assistants earn the same as NVQ3 (trained) in other local nurseries. In addition our staff work an 8 hour day and are paid for an hour's break during this time (most nurseries give an hour's paid break but require their staff to be at work for 9 hours). We also pay for any (relevant) further training courses they wish to do and provide meals on duty. We give time and a half back for training courses on a weekend and pay staff to stay for an hour once amonth for a staff meeting. We always staff at ratio, usually with an extra person 'spare.' We take all of our staff out for dinner and drinks at Christmas and give a cheque as a Christmas present.

All in all we think we are generous employers. In addition, we both work at the nurseries. I spend most of my time at one, as both of the two younger Bubble boys attend and Mr Bubble spends each morning at the other. We therefore know what is going on at both.

We have recently had two staff members off sick. One with a pregnancy related illness and the other for two weeks after a miscarriage. As a result our staff had had to cover their planning and observations but we have employed agency staff to cover the ratios.

Today I was asked if we (the company) would pay for a meal/evening out for the staff to say 'thank you' for this. And yes, the request came from one of two 'native' employees. Our other staff, Czech, Spanish, Portugese, Polish, Slovakian, German and Lebanese seem to 'get' that work = salary and good conditions.

Is it a Brit thing?

massivebigpantsface Tue 25-Sep-07 20:52:34

I am shock that staff would expect a gift for doing a bit of paid overtime tbh! That really does take the piss! Did you laugh in thier faces?

massivebigpantsface Tue 25-Sep-07 20:53:26

I think a 'thank you' and a pay paypacket normally does it.

Bubble99 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:53:42

And don't get me started on 'Christmas shopping days.' WTF? It's called a weekend. angry

Bubble99 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:55:22

Not even overtime, BPF. shock

The planning and observations are done during work hours.

Bubble99 Tue 25-Sep-07 21:00:50


massivebigpantsface Tue 25-Sep-07 21:03:34

oh i see, well in that case they deserve a fully paid weekend away wink

flowerybeanbag Wed 26-Sep-07 09:07:20

Bubble it sounds like you are generous employers, your staff know this and are trying to take advantage. What a shame.
Put your foot down and be firm (I'm sure you are), remind them that you are generous employers and are not asking anything over and above what they should be doing, be confident that you are being more than generous enough and that when faced with like it or lump it, they'll definitely like it, as another employer wouldn't be this generous.
Poor you though, not nice to have it thrown back in your face is it?

WideWebWitch Wed 26-Sep-07 10:25:39

Agree with fbb.
I think a meal out is something a company should do to thank people for extraordinary effort, for something outstanding and for truly beyond the call of duty stuff. Or to celebrate a team pulling together and achieving a big milestone etc.

NOT to say "er you worked a leetle bit harder to help my colleagues/employers out who treat me well anyway"

So no, YANBU.

WideWebWitch Wed 26-Sep-07 10:26:08

AND you had agency staff in, you weren't asking your people to cover!

Niecie Wed 26-Sep-07 10:33:26

Remind of the Christmas dinner and say you'll fork out for an extra bottle of wine.

I don't personally think that the average employee would expect anything over and above their normal pay for what is effectively doing their job. I can't think of an occasion when anybody I have ever worked with who would have done this. It isn't outside their normal duties so your staff appear to be trying their luck imo.

prettyfly1 Wed 26-Sep-07 10:53:07

tell em to do one. Honestly some people take the pxxs. Its not a brit thing - i know lots of people who work exceptionally hard i just think sometimes people are greedy.

RubySlippers Wed 26-Sep-07 11:02:58

you sound like great employers
TBH most jobs i have ever done, i have covered etc for colleagues and i don't expect anything extra - 'tis part of working life
not sure about the cultural thing - some people are just moany and ungrateful

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