Working but furloughed payslips ??

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user1471542844 Thu 25-Jun-20 22:20:41

Thank you so much for all of the replies.

In answer to the questions ..

I went back to work for a week before I was told I could have more time due to losing my Mum. However I have worked around seven weeks in total. However, my payslip shows otherwise.

Also, my employer topped up the 20% so I wasn’t aware at all until I viewed the last three payslips when they were sent through.

I’m just cross as the company have claimed just under £2000 a month, for three months and that’s just me .. They could be doing the same with the other 10 people at the company.

Thank you for the link, I’ll be going through that tonight.

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Inaquandry19 Thu 25-Jun-20 22:05:34

Surely you would know if you had been paid furlough pay as it is only 80% max? Or were your work topping up to 100%.

AhNowTed Thu 25-Jun-20 21:51:38

I was furloughed and the company has been absolutely scrupulous. They cut off access to email, Teams, the CRM... everything. Your employer is taking the piss and abusing the furlough scheme.

Theyweretheworstoftimes Thu 25-Jun-20 21:28:48

underneaththeash Thu 25-Jun-20 21:26:18

It just sounds like you were re-furloughed. How long were you actually back at work for? It only sounded like 2-3 days?

PleasantVille Thu 25-Jun-20 21:05:39

Sorry you're in such a bad situation, you have the right and the moral obligation to report them for fraud. As you no longer work there you've nothing to lose and I believe it's an online reporting system so probably very easy to do. A legal expert will be able to tell you about the payslips I'm sure

MrsMcCarthysFamousScones Thu 25-Jun-20 20:59:49

Report them to HMRC.
They cannot ask you to work whilst furloughed, they did so will be investigated.
I’m sorry for your loss flowers


MrMagooInTheLoo Thu 25-Jun-20 20:52:41

Sorry for your loss.
It's illegal to work whilst being furloughed. It's fraud I'd have no problem reporting my company.
Get in touch with citizens advice ASAP.

user1471542844 Thu 25-Jun-20 19:28:16

Im really hoping someone could advise please?

I have worked for a company for 1 year and 6 months.

At the end of March we were sent home and told to work from home due to Covid. A few days later, told we were being furloughed but to work a couple of hours a day to keep the company ticking over.

3 days later, we were told that certain places were opening up and we were to resume work.
I questioned this at the time as I know this is illegal and was worried about email trails etc if investigated but told to carry on as normal by manager.

Well over a month of working like this and my Mum died suddenly after 2 days of feeling ill (not Covid related).

I had the following week off due to bereavement leave which work were understandably fine with.

I returned the following week (still working from home).

At the end of the week I was told I had to get back to the office to work as someone who I work alongside had complained that I wasn’t working as I normally would. This was completely untrue and the reason they said this was due to missing a few calls from them as I was on other work calls etc due to being busy but always phoned them straight back.

I now had a huge panic over what to do as my 9 year old wasn’t back at school and had no childcare due to lockdown.

I’d just lost my Mum, was trying to plan a funeral, had a colleague complain about me, was trying to homeschool my child, work full time in a demanding job and now told to go back to work in the office with no childcare.

After the conversation, I sent an email to my managers explaining my situation in regards to the complaint and my childcare issue and had an email back from them to say they felt I came back to work too soon after my loss and to take two weeks off and will discuss email then. ( I never usually stick up for myself).

That evening I phoned my doctor for help. I had not had more than 2 hours sleep a night since losing my Mum and given sleeping tablets and referred to grief counselling.

The weekend before I was due back to work I had my counselling session and just crumbled. The sleeping tablets weren’t working (I was falling asleep at 6am and back up at 7:30am each day) and was prescribed an antidepressant which also helped with sleep. I was also given a sick note for 2 weeks which I promptly sent to my manager and explained in detail what was going on etc.

I had no reply whatsoever or even an acknowledgment of my email.

Fast forward to now and I’ve had a call to say I’m being made redundant and an email promptly followed confirming this. I’m being paid a months notice plus my 15 days holiday pay which I will receive next month and I’ll be paid as usual this month.

I’d not received a payslip whilst working from home and asked for all payslips from March just in case I needed them if I have to apply for help etc. These were sent however on reading these it states I’ve been furloughed the entire time.
All throughout April, May and June and most probably will be claimed for next month too.

I’m angry that I’ve been made to work and have been stressed juggling everything and the whole time my company have claimed furlough and had me work.

I have sent manager an email to ask why my payslips state furlough etc but they haven’t responded.

Do I have any rights?

Sorry it’s so long but didn’t want to leave anything out as it’s quite a complicated and detailed situation.

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