Another redundancy question. Feeling angry.

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Carrotcakeforbreakfast Tue 23-Jun-20 13:13:47

Hi there

I'll try and be clear but I am feeling so angry and worried right now.

My DH has been furloughed since May and was called in today for a redundancy meeting as the company isn't doing well.
Anyway he arrives and they first off show him his package which is double statutory which on the exterior seems good considering.

However 2 of them have the same position at the company. DH was furloughed and the other person wasn't.
At the meeting today they disclosed that the person who does my husbands equivalent hasn't been made redundant and has in fact been promoted. DH knew nothing of this promotion.

They also said we can keep you here and redeploy you to a job with half of the salary .
However someone doing that job has been promoted to what was my DH's job which is apparently redundant. They have however changed the title of the job and hours of work so it is no longer shift based but it is literally the same job that he has just been made redundant from.

Where do we stand with this?
Sorry if this makes no sense, I feel very up in the air.

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Carrotcakeforbreakfast Tue 23-Jun-20 13:27:37


My DH has more years service than the one promoted and he wasn't given the criteria of who was to be made redundant was decided.

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dontdisturbmenow Wed 24-Jun-20 09:30:30

The role has to be made redundant. They can't pretend that it is to get rid of someone and move Someone else in that role instead. The key question is how much it is very much the same role.

flowery Wed 24-Jun-20 11:22:05

He needs to appeal it on the basis that there seem to have been two roles that were possible, the one that's the same but different shifts, and the promotion, and he was not informed about or given opportunity to apply for, either of them. He was also not consulted (or even told) on the selection criteria by which he was chosen for redundancy, therefore the dismissal is unfair.

Carrotcakeforbreakfast Wed 24-Jun-20 22:13:22

It is exactly the same role
However they've rebranded it and gone from continental shifts to core hours.
The job itself will be exactly the same.

The promotion took place behind his back one week before he was furloughed.
Then they sent the person promoted off as he is shielding.
My husband was not made aware of this promotion at all until in his redundancy meeting.
Neither did they mention selection criteria.

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