Redundancy and Notice pay while on furlough

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HonneyBea Sat 13-Jun-20 09:19:11

I have had a redundancy package put together as my branch closed whilst I was on furlough

Two amounts are listed and both added up under "Total Entitlement"

One amount is statutory redundancy pay which is non taxable and I receive this whatever?
Another amount is listed as notice pay, a different amount, and it states "if not required to work"

I have worked for the company for 7 years so my notice period is 7 weeks.

Please help me understand if I am entitled to the 2 figures added together? Hopefully I have explained it clearly blush

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Remmy123 Sat 13-Jun-20 09:38:31

Yes you have to get paid the notice period - what does your contract day in terms of redundancy notice?

HonneyBea Sat 13-Jun-20 10:58:04

It doesn't seem to mention anything about redundancy?

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Moondust001 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:39:25

Because redundancy doesn't technically exist in these terms. "Redundancy" is a reason for a fair dismissal. That's all. If you are dismissed by reason of redundancy then there is Statutory (or Contractual) Redundancy entitlement, which is tax free up to £30k. Notice pay would be listed separately as it is subject to tax. It sounds like they haven't decided whether to return you to work prior to the termination - there is no right to be paid notice pay and you can be required to work. So you need to ask them for confirmation about that - you won't be paid notice pay unless they don't want you to work your notice.

HonneyBea Sat 13-Jun-20 11:58:24

Yes they did mention me been asked to work it. The branch I work at was closed on 8th June so I would have to work elsewhere.

I am currently under consultation as there is a role for me at another branch (quite far away for me).

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