Anyone work at Aldi?

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SpideyMom Wed 10-Jun-20 13:36:48

Thank you thats a good point. I think it will be the shift pattern that may be the problem for me

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Whenwillthisbeover Wed 10-Jun-20 07:07:32

When DS had a PT supermarket job he got it over others because he said he could work anytime, days, nights, weekends, bank holidays.

And he did. I would carry on the application but if you can, go to Aldi and ask a member of staff how it works whilst they’re throwing your shopping down the belt.

SpideyMom Sat 06-Jun-20 20:25:47


I am reluctantantly applying for other jobs as my employer has become very vague and distant whilst I've been placed on furlough and has admitted he cant promise job security. So I have to be sensible and look for alternatives.

I only say reluctant because my job fitted perfectly around my 5 year old and being a single parent it has helped me massively working around his school day, having bank holidays off, 2 weeks shut down at xmas, no weekend working and flexibility with school events.

However I am terrified about being made unemployed and I am being realistic in knowing I wont find a job that fits so perfectly for us.

I have applied to Aldi and have got through to the next stage, the video application. What does this involve?

Also I dont want to waste any ones time applying and it not being suitable. I have absolutely no objection to working evenings and weekends etc, however my childcare is pretty much zero unless I start paying for it. It's not weekends so much as my parents are free to help then, but are you able to state a preferred shift? So for example weekday mornings and afternoons would be better so i'd prefer working these shifts mostly. I promise I have no issues doing different shifts but it I was mostly given evenings and weekends it would be pointless me applying.


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