New Job role seems to have been put on hold indefinitely....but not officially

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GotAnyGrapes17 Thu 04-Jun-20 20:07:26


I'm looking for some advice. If anyone is able to help I would much appreciate it.

I work in a medium size organisation, and in early March I was offered a new job. The job is still in my overall team, but a different sub-team, and had a pay increase of just over 3k pa.

Just as lock down started to happen I signed the contract for the new job to start 1 April.
On the 29 March, I confirmed with my boss (via personal phones/WhatsApp) that as we we were working in a new normal I should prioritise my current role, and start to learn the processes of the new role, but that my job had changed officially on the in-house HR system and I would start receiving the extra money from the next week (01 April).

Key notes- my current role duties included answering the phones, my new role does not. We started to WFH and we were going into the office on a rota to answer the phones.
On the 6 April my daughter developed a cough and a temperature and after discussions with my partner, we decided to self isolate for 14 days. I had already booked annual leave for the week after, so that left me 3 days of working whilst we were self isolating. I was scheduled to go into the office on one of those days.
My boss advised me to take the 3 days as dependents leave, even though I could still do all aspects of my job except the one day in the office. She also added that she would let HR know that I hadn't started my new job. My role was changed back to the lower paid role on the in-house HR system.
Since then it has stayed as that role.
So I have signed a contract, but have not started the new role. Also, had I not needed to self isolate, I would have been receiving the new salary.

I have since broached the subject of when I will start the new role, but it has been slightly brushed off.

Does anyone know where I stand with this?

I am incredibly grateful that during this time I have been able to continue working, I like my boss, and love what I do and the team I work in. I certainly do not want to rock the boat.

I am however aware, that I am now missing out on the extra money (so far just short of £800) and nothing has really been said about it. I have such mixed feelings about whether to follow this up a bit further with HR. I am a team player, and don't want to come across as selfish, when I currently am lucky enough to be working.

At the same time I feel like I am missing out on money that oils really be coming in handy

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flowery Thu 04-Jun-20 22:35:46

You are right to follow it up. With your boss. You signed a contract saying new terms would start from 1 April so that’s what you’re entitled to.

GotAnyGrapes17 Fri 05-Jun-20 09:18:50

Thank you for your input. I will try to speak to them- would rather do that than go straight to HR

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flowery Fri 05-Jun-20 09:28:16

You need to do it that way- your boss is the one who has told HR there has been a change, they’re just following instructions.

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