Waiting for furlough announcement to find out what will happen to my job

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OfUselessBooks Sun 24-May-20 10:23:13

Is anyone else in the same position? After the announcement with the details of how furlough will work from August-October, my employers will be deciding on what to do. They said the announcement will be before the end of May, so next week.

I have no idea of what will happen. I am one of a team of 4 to be furloughed. Our work hasnt stopped, but wound down to protect the more profitable areas, which are rapidly losing money.

I am on 3 months notice and with a long service, so redundancy would last a while...but hoping it doesnt come to that, and I can go back. Also worried about my colleagues, and if they do go for redundancies, how these will be selected from us all.

I feel a bit like reckoning day is coming now...anyone else?

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CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Sun 24-May-20 21:43:33

I'm being furloughed one month at a time, doubt it will continue past July.

I've been told its purely for cash flow purposes (ie they get a free 2500/month) and my job is not affected but who knows?

They are certainly managing without me for now.

SunflowerSeedsForever Sun 24-May-20 22:02:18

I am on 3 months notice and with a long service, so redundancy would last a while

Statutory is capes and they can withdraw discretionary

missbipolar Sun 24-May-20 22:14:52

I don't think I'll have a job at the end of July. I'm terrified

OfUselessBooks Sun 24-May-20 23:02:50

Sorry to hear that missbipolar, it is so hard to have it waiting and hanging over your head as well. I haven't been given any news or insight into my job. I would have said it was 100% safe 6 months ago, but who knows now.

Unfortunately we don't get discretionary redundancy SunflowerSeeds, but the notice and redundancy will be around 24 weeks pay, which if we're careful could eke out for much longer than that. Sadly my wages are well below the cap!! I have colleagues who that will affect though, it's so hard.

I just want to know now, whatever the news is.

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