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OfUselessBooks Sun 17-May-20 09:09:46

I've been in furlough for around 7 weeks and haven't heard anything at all from my work. I work in a professional role as a middle manager and only around 10 (less than 5%) of our workforce has been furloughed. I assumed that someone would keep in touch with me and keep me up to date with the state of the business and their discussions about our team and others, but there has been nothing. I still have access to the intranet, but it's more other teams saying all of the things they are doing, and not anything relating to us.

I'm really disheartened, but wondered if this was normal? I'm in semi-regular touch with my staff (3 - all also been furloughed) and all of us are struggling with worry and anxiety about the future. I don't feel like I can help them very much at the moment as I'm in the same position, so I'm just feeling a bit useless.

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Letsplough Sun 17-May-20 09:21:15

I had exactly the same, heard naff alll from my employer since being furloughed. So I emailed them and asked for an update, they replied straight away, not much yet could tell me except that they will let me know as soon as I can return....also had to sign a letter to accept that my furlough will go down to 80% as they have been topping up the rest.
I know how you feel, it's made me feel very forgotten & that I am really not needed at my work place. I believe I will be one of the first to go if redundancies happen.

Rayoflight2020 Sun 17-May-20 13:45:06

I am also mid level management and I have been on furlough for a few weeks now. There is no communication except I had an email that was sent to all staff at the end of May stating all those on furlough would remain on furlough as the scheme was extended. My boss had put in place a weekly "non work" chat however when I attended on the first week he used the session in a sneaky way. He did the social things then got rid of all the staff off the telephone call and proceeded to ask me work related questions. I have since refused to attend and have written an email to him stating that the chats constitute providing a service and I am not able to participate etc. He has also sent me accounts to do and again I have advised that I will not be able to complete them as that's providing a service. I am holding on until the end of furlough and will take redundancy. To be honest the whole thing has been managed so badly I have no desire to go back.

imsooverthisdrama Sun 17-May-20 13:59:23

Oh that's awful, I've been furloughed almost 8 weeks now but had contact from my line manager or team say every week or so .
I've not heard from line manager for a couple of weeks but I suppose it's getting a bit boring when it's hope everyone ok and everyone going yep all ok .
I've not heard anything work related but if there is nothing to tell me , I'm not expecting to go back to work for a while yet .
I was hoping to have some sort of work update soon but I know it must be difficult at the moment.
Perhaps you can email your line manager for a update or asking when they expect you to go back with lockdown relaxing .

OfUselessBooks Mon 18-May-20 18:15:23

Sorry to hear of others in the same boat. I had a couple of messages from my boss, which I tried to return but his phone is switched off. I sent a text saying I would leave my phone on all day, but nothing. It seems it was just a catch up, not news. Which is too little too late in my opinion. I'm not sure I'll try again - phoning up to say "I'm not ok, and half the reason is because you couldn't care less about me or my work" seems a little pointless.

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Blankiefan Mon 18-May-20 22:32:06

That's poor. I'm similar and my boss calls me once a fortnight to keep me up to date with chat (general, state of the business, what next steps are looking like for the furloughed). We also get a weekly newsletter. Around 20% of our organisation are on furlough so that probably makes a difference.

OfUselessBooks Tue 19-May-20 14:01:27

Thank you Blankiefan. Even just hearing that someone agrees it's rubbish makes me feel better. I know they're all really busy (my role is a long-term one that can easily be wound down for a few weeks), but 5 minutes to check up/fill us in, isn't that niche to ask. I hope you come out of this ok, thanks for replying.

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CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Tue 19-May-20 14:06:32

I'm on furlough and although my boss has been in touch with me, I do feel forgotten and also that the job I will be going back to won't be the same as the one I left.. all my business travel has been stopped for this year at least and my duties have been downgraded so I'm essentially helping out with stuff and won't have any autonomy. This is if they don't make me redundant! It's a case of put up and shut up if you want a job I suppose.....

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