Legal to avoid redundancy if I return to work earlier than planned from maternity leave?

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SuttButt Mon 11-May-20 12:29:29

Hi All,
I just wondered if any one could help or offer any advice at all please?
I'm currently on maternity leave, due to return to work on 1st Sept 2020.
I've been advised that my role is under threat of redundancy so I'm going through the process of that now (totally gutted!).
On my last meeting with my boss I asked if I could avoid redundancy if I returned to work in June. My boss is looking into it now.
Is that even legal does any one know? Surely if I keep my job by cutting my mat leave short that's discrimination against me for being on mat leave?
Could anyone advise at all please? (I will be getting on to ACAS if my boss says I can keep my job on early return).
Thank you for your help!

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TiptopJ Mon 11-May-20 12:44:58

As you're probably already aware it's your job role that becomes redundant not you so I think it depends on what your job role would be if you returned in june. If it's a new role that needs to start asap for whatever reason then your company has done the right thing by giving you the chance to apply whilst on mat leave and it's okay to ask you to return early for it if you want it.
If it's the same job role you already have and by returning to work earlier than agreed you been told you might able to keep it then I think you definitely have grounds for discrimination for being on mat leave.

Obviously ACAS will be able to advise better but that's my understanding.

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