PPE and home visiting.. any advice?

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Darklava09 Wed 06-May-20 22:05:15

We’ve been told to complete home visits to families. These are no essential visits and can be completed through the phone.

We are not given PPE as standard unless the risk assessment flags up as they are risky.
We then decide if we can maintain social distancing or not and then we are authorised and issues with basic PPE.

What are workplaces saying about this in your experiences?
Would you attend?

I’m frankly annoyed that we can’t visit our own families but are expected to visit random people who are not maintaining social distancing and are doing god knows what with god knows who.


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Musicalmistress Wed 06-May-20 22:08:04

I run a local authority nursery in Scotland - the LA has put all home visits for any reason on hold until further notice.

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