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BlueSharpie Mon 04-May-20 11:46:23

I work in HE in an admin type role. I originally provided PA support to a Director, along with admin for the team (as per my job description). This was a grade 4 role.

The long and short is that about a year ago my department moved into another branch of the University. My original role was essentially no longer required as the Director moved into another dept and the team didn't need admin. So I was given other duties to perform - these duties are identical to colleagues in the team; these colleagues are paid a grade 5 salary.

I no longer perform any duties from my original job description, but have not been issued with a new one. My line manager asked me to submit a job regrading application - this application was denied, as was the appeal.

I know in the private sector this sort of thing happens a lot and it can be based on individuals' qualifications, experience etc. But as I work in Higher Education, we have nationally recognised pay scales.

Does anyone know where I stand here? Any advice on next steps? I've highlighted the huge lack of parity to my line manager, so I think the next step is probably a grievance?

Thanks in advance.

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