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NotyourmotherFFS Fri 01-May-20 12:36:51

We're all wfh just now. I am line manager to a couple of people. The one I'm having issues with - CA - has been a bit troublesome since she start a couple of years ago with slacking off and not listening/forgetting to do things but management like her despite previous issues which I brought up at the time. Charming and funny etc. hmm.

I'm extremely busy just now and have also taken on extra workload and delegated some stuff to her that she's had plenty of time to do and it shouldn't take that long but it is. Been checking in once a day and saying remember and do X for Colleague B. Meanwhile Colleague B had also emailed us both and asked if the thing could be done asap so he can do his bit after. This is time sensitive.

Earlier this week I was up to my eyeballs but noticed at one point that morning that CA was sitting as 'away' on the internal messaging service. I'm not sure if she was down as available earlier that morning because I've been busy and hadn't been paying much attention.

Again Colleague B emailed about the work later that day. I emailed him separately later on and asked if CA has responded to the email and he said no and that he's needs to do his part after. I call CA and there's no response. Leave another message and it doesn't get read.

I tell my own manager that I can't get hold of CA, there's work needing done that's got a deadline and she says just leave it until tomorrow.

Next day CAs profile is still set to away, message still hasn't been seen and my manager asks if I've heard from her then says she tried CAs mobile and there's no reply. I try it as well (this is well after we started work and I'm beginning to get concerned) and eventually get through and CA is yawning her head off saying she slept in! She makes a joke about it and says she'll get working as soon as she's ready. I let it go but am a bit annoyed at her attitude. And am also wondering if she was actually working the previous day hmm

Eventually CA emails Colleague B and says his work is ready. It's not the way it was supposed to be done (it was more work for CA to do it the way she has) and there is something else that CA needs to do before Colleague B can do their work. I email back and thank CA and ask her to do the other stuff too so it can be finished by Colleague B.

CA doesn't reply to the email. Layer that day I message her and ask if she can do this thing so Colleague B can get their work done. It's read but nothing happens.

End result it's still not fucking done today and we have missed the deadline. And now I'm left feeling bad and wondering if I should have just bloody done it myself even though I'm totally swamped and had delegated this task to CA.

It's not as if she's super busy herself. It's like speaking to a wall. I'm not even sure how to deal when she ignores instructions, ignores colleague's emails and my messages and phone calls.

All this is taking my mind and time away from my own heavy workload. I feel like saying something to my manager because I don't feel supported and this important work has not been completed resulting in someone else missing a deadline. But I wonder if she will think I'm making a big deal over nothing. Part of me even wonders if CA is trying to get me in trouble by being a "drama queen" or something.

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underneaththeash Fri 01-May-20 20:24:13

Call her - remind her that she needs to be available for certain core hours for work calls and emails. Ask why the work was not completed as requested last week and if she was having any problems understanding what was required and cc your manager in.
I personally would call and then back it up with an email every time if it's not done.
People who don't pull their weight are bloody tiresome for everyone and I would try and manage her out if you can.

user1487194234 Sat 02-May-20 08:37:47

That's very difficult
At the end of the day a deadline was missed
It's not clear how important that was,in my business that could be crucial and cost us a lot of money
I think you have to be careful about your own position as it could be seen as your fault the deadline was missed if your job is to manage her
So I would definitely involve your boss /HR

Ronia Sat 02-May-20 08:46:35

There's been too much letting things go and asking her to do stuff. A pretty challenging conversation needs to happen - set crystal clear expectations and deadlines task A by x time and update me when done. Task b by y time and update me when done. And yes a reminder of fire hours and working availability.

If it's lockdown with no wiggle room it means you can escalate later if needs be with no way for her to claim she was unclear.

FartingInTheFence Sat 02-May-20 15:17:43

Make CA email you on the hour, every hour.

If she doesnt, report to HR and get her pay docked. She'll soon change her tune.

People like her are parasites that ultimately need firing.

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Sat 02-May-20 15:29:40

I dont think its quite that simple Farting.

What does contract or staff handbook say about
Being available on messenger
Core hours/flex

I think if it were me I would be investigating whether her laptop was turned on at all the previous day.

I would be asking HR for guidance and doing everything by the book in terms of performance management. Becsuse I tjik as soon as you start this process she will likely cry bullying so you need do everything by the book.

STAYTHEFUCKHOME Sat 02-May-20 17:51:29

A windows laptop will record when the device was locked and unlocked - if your IT department is semi competent then they can interrogate these logs remotely to identify if your colleague worked on the day in question.

LordEmsworth Sun 03-May-20 13:30:15

Don't email her or message her when you want something, phone her. If she doesn't answer, try again half an hour later. Repeat until she answers. Ask her why she didn't answer. It takes a bit more effort on your part but is more difficult for her to ignore.

Don't expect your manager to manage your report. I would be putting in an initial call with her to discuss what support she needs in order to deliver her work correctly and on time, with daily catch-ups to talk through her plans/achievements each day, and check that I am supporting her in delivering.

I wouldn't be worrying about what hours someone is working - but if someone's not delivering, I would need to understand the reasons and whether performance management needs to kick in (at which point, HR), whether it's something that needs a bit of coaching (lack of skills, technical skills) or something personal that is outside her control (in which case it's my expectations that would need to change).

NotyourmotherFFS Mon 04-May-20 13:55:57

Thanks everyone. I've managed to get through to her on the phone and we've had a discussion about everything.

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