Complaint against co-worker - should I expect some feedback?

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Happilycrazy Tue 28-Apr-20 16:17:56

A couple of months ago there was an ugly incident in the office with a colleague shouting at me and insulting a junior colleague. I have brought it to my boss in an email and he asked me if I wanted him to address the issue formally. I said yes. He later interviewed the junior colleague and then several other people in the organisation interviewed them, but no one discussed anything with me directly. I have not received any feedback as to the outcome.
Having built a successful career in the UK, I still feel such a foreigner in situations like that. What kind of follow up should be reasonably expected?

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iklboo Tue 28-Apr-20 16:19:46

It depends on your work policy but sometimes you don't get to find out what's happened or been agreed.

LIZS Tue 28-Apr-20 16:23:22

If you raised it as a grievance there should be a policy which sets out the process and timescales.

Happilycrazy Tue 28-Apr-20 16:23:39

Thank you for your response. One of those things need to get used to...

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Happilycrazy Tue 28-Apr-20 16:24:59

I did not raise a formal grievance. I just wanted the issue addressed and to be reassured that this kind of behaviour is not endorsed by the organisation. I know this sounds obvious and redundant but it would have been nice to have some closure.

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daisychain01 Sat 02-May-20 07:45:24

Be prepared for the fact the junior colleague may not have taken things further re being insulted by Difficult Colleague. Even if they have a right to they may deny it was that serious.

You need to decide what exactly you want to get from the situation. It may not be worth keeping up the pressure if all you'll get is a vague acknowledgement that they weren't very polite. Is it really worth it?

In the context of the current lockdown it sounds like it has already lost momentum if it was 2 months ago.

Palavah Sat 02-May-20 07:54:56

The nature of the conversation between your boss and the other colleagues is confidential to them - those conversations will not be discussed with you. You made your points to your boss and confirmed you wanted him to address the issue.

What outcome / closure are you looking for?

daisychain01 Sat 02-May-20 09:58:49

Your closure can be that Difficult colleague's "card is marked" and they'll hopefully think twice before venting their spleen again.

Happilycrazy Mon 04-May-20 17:45:09

Palavah, daisy chain

thank you both. You are right re closure being that they know what the difficult colleague can be like. And I understand the point re confidentiality.

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