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LaLaFlottes Mon 27-Apr-20 16:51:56

Hi All - I'm sorry for the silly question, but in case I am made redundant I wanted to check something as I've never had to look into this before.

I have 12 years service with my employer and my notice period in my contract is 3 months.

If I was to be made redundant, would I work my 3 months notice and then be given the redundancy settlement based on length of service? Or do you get one or the other and not both?

Thank you!

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espoleta Mon 27-Apr-20 17:09:44

In my industry, the standard is you get paid your notice and then statutory on top of it.
So if I got made redundant tomorrow, I would get my 3 months plus LOS statutory
But, you can be made to work your notice, personally I have only heard one person that this has happened too.

flowery Mon 27-Apr-20 23:01:08

Whether you work your notice is up to your employer. Your redundancy pay is completely separate.

LaLaFlottes Tue 28-Apr-20 11:10:29

Great thank you both - so basically I would be paid for my notice period (might have to work it and might not) and then would get the settlement too?

That's good news! Still hoping it might not come to this but trying to be prepared. Such uncertain times and I'm finding it hard to be honest.

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