i am a teacher. school wants to furlough

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pasok1000 Tue 21-Apr-20 15:03:28

school said that they would like to furlough me fir 3 weeks or son when i was not doing work - Easter break. should i be concerned?

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TheReluctantCountess Tue 21-Apr-20 16:35:26


noblegiraffe Tue 21-Apr-20 16:37:25

State or private?

The government doesn’t expect to furlough public sector workers.

Fredthedoggie Tue 21-Apr-20 18:35:47

You cant be furloughed retrospectivley. You have to sign and accept and the furlough starts from the next day. Anything else is fraud.

JanetandJohn500 Tue 21-Apr-20 19:49:35

State schools have had specific advice from the DfE NOT to furlough staff including agency staff on a 'live' contract. Google it and you will find the info- it's freely available.
Also, speak to your union.

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